Wednesday, October 11, 2017

A colonoscopy then a little excitement. How was your day?

Souvenir EKG from the St. Paul paramedics.
Seven paramedics and firefighters came en masse to Buca’s Restaurant in St. Paul today to see about a man whose wife was holding up his head so it wouldn’t fall into the spaghetti sauce. The man was passed out, not drunk — he was drugged and dehydrated. A fire engine rolled from Station One.

Capt. Jeff joked that when it is Buca’s, they all come.

Stan has been prepping for two days for a traditional colonoscopy. He drank the prescribed bottle of magnesium citrate on Monday night, began his fluid diet, then completed the awful routine by drinking the gallon of GoLytely Tuesday and early Wednesday morning. Seemed like he had enough to drink.

Colonoscopy complete and satisfactory this morning, and with a warning to take it easy today until the drugs wore off, Stan and his required driver were off to Buca’s for lunch.

It wasn’t until they finished the Chicken Parmesan and the spaghetti that Stan noticed something wrong. Dizzy, disoriented, light headed. “I don’t feel so good,” he told his wife and soon bowed his head. The next thing he knew, the paramedics and firemen in blue uniforms had surrounded him.

“Shouldn’t you be wearing black,” Stan quipped, not knowing what had transpired in the long minutes his head was cradled in his wife’s arms and the help was doing their best to help.

A shot of oxygen and a return of color to his face later, he said he could walk. “Stand slowly,” another paramedic said. “I’ll walk you to the car." Done. (Buca’s kindly comped the lunch.)

After a short nap, friends happened to drop by to see the new place. She’s a nurse. We soon diagnosed the problem. Despite drinking over a gallon of solution for the colonoscopy, Stan had neglected the instruction to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. He was dehydrated… and of course the drugs and fasting didn't help. He just fainted.

At any rate, we’re grateful to the cadre of St. Paul paramedics, firefighters, and the good people at Buca’s for their prompt care and attention. We feel fine and are drinking plenty of fluids now.

And thanks as well to my wife, Kathleen, for her love -- and for keeping my face out of the spaghetti sauce.

Saturday, October 07, 2017


Enjoying a moment in the den, now that we can see it.
Going from 3,500 square feet to 1,500 square feet has posed quite a challenge in decision-making. Yes, No, Keep, Throw. We started the process last April, thinking that if we just filled the trash and recycling cans to overflowing and slipped some more into the neighbors' cans each week we'd make it easily. So we donated, sold on Craigslist, and gave generously to the heirs. A garage sale got more items. You would think that by August we'd be ready. Wrong.
It still took Four Men and a Truck to dig us out and move us, and we're just starting to get organized and free. But it is still "Save, trash or give away" as we work to get some elbow room in the new place.
What has been very helpful is the set up we found in the new garage. They've got a dumpster for trash, one for recycle and. . . a Free Table for stuff that you deem too good to throw away.
We've taken full advantage of the Free Table and delight as items disappear. We speculate who got the mirror, the table, the spoons, the pots we left, etc. ... that we laboriously hauled here from the old place, just to give it away.
When we really don't know what to do we can cheat and store some stuff at Dan's condo.
This Saturday we're starting to enjoy the fruit of our labors. We have saved the good stuff and the memorabilia, trashed the superfluous, and we don't think we'll miss any of that stuff we got rid of.
"Sweetie, I can't find my favorite red shirt."

Friday, October 06, 2017

Here is how it's done

 Our windows are complete. Here's how they are tackling the windows on the fifth floor. They can do about one unit a day. Hopefully October is warm. It can get chilly with the windows so wide open. :)

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Continuing on. . .

This is the last day of window replacement at our new St. Paul apartment. That's Birdie's field in the background. They will finish today if all goes well and we can continue the ongoing sorting and organizing. When will it end?

Monday, October 02, 2017

Whadda ya mean it don't fit...

They're installing new bedroom windows today in our St. Paul apartment. So to adding to all the excitement of the move, we've prepared our rooms for the workmen. The new windows should be nice. Work continues on the main windows tomorrow.

Sunday, October 01, 2017

Renaissance anyone?

Jennifer's friend, Kathy, always makes sure they're appropriately attired at the annual Renaissance Festival near Shakopee.

Monday, September 25, 2017

It's over!

We got the money.

A successful closing at an Edina realty center today started at 11 a.m. Shortly after 12:30,  we had turned over the keys, deposited the check,  and were now honored guests back at our old Abbey Point house, Shakopee, getting acquainted with the new owners, Rick and LuAnn, and a celebration of their friends. (Wouldn't you know it? Ford - my nephew - taught one of Rick and LuAnn's children.)

It was an odd feeling, making these new friends as guests in an absolutely empty house, save for the well-wishers and a buffet lunch provided by friends of the new owners. They are only moving a few miles, so the friends are all near by. Movers come tomorrow.

Stan and Rick toured the house, examining the quirks and oddities.

We wish them the best in the house we called home for 17 years, and know they will grow to love it, as did we. They are down-sizing to our house. We are down-sizing from our house. Go figure.

Now, to make the St. Paul place our home.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Home, Sweet Home

Here is the kitchen in our new place. :)

Saturday, September 23, 2017

We have a new telephone number

We got the house line installed at our new St. Paul address yesterday. Seems the FCC won't let us keep our old number, at least that's what the lady at Comcast said. And you have to believe the cable company, right?
We're not putting the number on the internet, so just use the old cellphone numbers for now. If you've been calling the old number and no one is home, well, sorry, somebody is home but we're just cleaning up. The move is going good, movers (Four Men and a Truck) came Thursday, but we're still stiff and sore from all the activity.
We're sitting in the middle of a big mess right now, but at least it's at our new address.