Monday, September 25, 2017

It's over!

We got the money.

A successful closing at an Edina realty center today started at 11 a.m. Shortly after 12:30,  we had turned over the keys, deposited the check,  and were now honored guests back at our old Abbey Point house, Shakopee, getting acquainted with the new owners, Rick and LuAnn, and a celebration of their friends. (Wouldn't you know it? Ford - my nephew - taught one of Rick and LuAnn's children.)

It was an odd feeling, making these new friends as guests in an absolutely empty house, save for the well-wishers and a buffet lunch provided by friends of the new owners. They are only moving a few miles, so the friends are all near by. Movers come tomorrow.

Stan and Rick toured the house, examining the quirks and oddities.

We wish them the best in the house we called home for 17 years, and know they will grow to love it, as did we. They are down-sizing to our house. We are down-sizing from our house. Go figure.

Now, to make the St. Paul place our home.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Home, Sweet Home

Here is the kitchen in our new place. :)

Saturday, September 23, 2017

We have a new telephone number

We got the house line installed at our new St. Paul address yesterday. Seems the FCC won't let us keep our old number, at least that's what the lady at Comcast said. And you have to believe the cable company, right?
We're not putting the number on the internet, so just use the old cellphone numbers for now. If you've been calling the old number and no one is home, well, sorry, somebody is home but we're just cleaning up. The move is going good, movers (Four Men and a Truck) came Thursday, but we're still stiff and sore from all the activity.
We're sitting in the middle of a big mess right now, but at least it's at our new address.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Moving week

"Toolin' down the road, tryin' to lighten our load," Jennifer takes some breakables in her SUV down to our new digs.
Neighbors drop by to say they are going to miss such
wonderful neighbors, but secretly. . .
Our daughter Jennifer helped her Mom organize her new kitchen yesterday. Movers come Thursday for the big stuff, the little items and fragile bric-brac we've reserved for ourselves. Passed our inspection and our radon test yesterday. Today we build a shelf in our new storage room. Uff da. Something every day, but it's going good. We're getting rid of lots of stuff and the Goodwill is happy to get it. Tomorrow we go to the county recycle center with an old school RCA colortrak that refuses to die. We offered it for free on Craigslist and got one call. But he just wanted to ask for the Model No. When we gave it, it wasn't the right one and he rejected it as well. Guess it will go with the dead fluorescent tubes.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Hai Dang struggled for almost an hour to land this 100 pound tuna, but two hammerhead sharks beat him to it, shredding the specimen before Hai got it in the boat. Hai spent two days on the ocean, getting his limit of 5 both days, a rare feat. By the way, Hai doesn't eat fish. . . which is a good deal for friends and family.

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

First Day. . .again

She's five foot two; taller than Grandma.

Emily’s Mom, Melissa, is on an extended weekend vacation, so Emily stayed over last night and we got to take her to the first day of school. “The excitement only lasts for a day,” the experienced eleven-year old sixth-grader explained. “After that, it’s just like back to normal.” Emily was ready for school and out in the car waiting long before it was time to go today. Here she is in her first day school clothes.

Monday, September 04, 2017

Labor Day swim

Stan and Emily tried out the new pool today at the Plaza. The water was fine. It was a suitable send off for our granddaughter who starts school tomorrow. She gave Grandpa a good work out.

Sunday, September 03, 2017

Painted Ladies

We were so excited today. Pulling in to the yard we saw what appeared to us to be, at long last, a ton of monarch butterflies. Alas, our Facebook friend and others have identified them as Painted Ladies. Oh well. They sure are pretty.