Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fifteen degrees of separation

Not long ago, we discovered that by pure chance our neighbors, Tom and Sandy Story (left), and our old friends, M'liss and Chuck Switzer, had purchased tickets on the same flight to Cozumel. They had never met before (except maybe briefly at a Christmas party we gave) so matchmaker Kathleen gave both parties the heads up. Turns out they had lots of fun, not only on the plane, but later on the beach, as evidenced by this photo they sent today. We are delighted, of course, that they got a chance to enjoy each other's company, but as the topic they have in common, we wince a bit about some things we've been trying to keep secret. (ha)

Today, we received this note from Tom and Sandy, now back in Minnesota:

Checked the blog. Breakfast looks good. If we tried that outside today, the eggs would be real hard. Attached are a couple of pics from Cozumel. You might recognize these folks.
Tom & Sandy

Sunny-side up

Cafe Del Solveig was open for business early this morning, with hot coffee and plates of bacon, fried eggs and jammy English muffins. It was a perfect. Even the toast, made in the world's worst toaster, cooperated. Notice in the background that the boys have transplanted some new foliage, and it shows promise of providing a fine hedge. Next door neighbors, Sylvia and Al, approve. Not sure if they are liking the green touch or the buffering from rowdy, sun-loving Rolfsruds.
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Katie's One-day Poker School grads

Pausing for a burger after yesterday's intensive instruction.
Front row, Brenda, Nancy and Cynthia; back row, Kathy, Katie and Sue. They aren't quite ready for prime time yet, but Katie is confident that, with a little practice, they'll all make good poker players. (Yes. Again. A flush beats a straight. And, ladies, you gotta fold 'em when you're holding a deuce and a four.)
Shuffle Up and Deal!
After dinner, the gentle ladies spent a short time watching Katie play with the big boys in the back room at the saloon. As Katie indicated, it's more fun to play than to watch, so the pupils were all home at a respectable hour. Miss Katie, however, stayed on for both sessions, one at 6 p.m. and one at 9 p.m. It is early in her poker season here, but she advanced to both final tables and came in sixth and fifth. The regulars are familiar with each other's play and are quite aggressive. We await a championship t-shirt eventually. Katie enjoys the fact that all of Arizona indoors is now smoke free. Stan enjoyed it too: Midnight Katie doesn't come home smelling like a cigarette any more.
Don't get the idea that Katie is staying out late, but last night she heard the janitor announcing last call for the bathrooms.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Stand by

St. Paul Katie just departed the house with her steelcase full of poker chips, spare decks of cards and cheat sheets to hand out(a flush beats a straight, 3 of a kind beats a pair, etc.). She took the camera as well, so stand by for a full report on Katie's Poker School for Wayward Girls. The event concludes with a round of tournament style Texas Hold 'Em at the Lariat Steakhouse and Saloon with all the regulars. Stan will tend himself tonight. Looks like cardboard pizza and reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Desktop installed, we await drying

We got the desktop squeezed into its corner today. A tight fit, but it is solid now. Six coats of water-based polyurethane. Can't put anything on it for 24 hours. Cost: $25 for MDF, $10 for paint, $10 for polyurethane. Tomorow we'll load the computer and see about getting the media drive repaired. Kathleen is heading out to the Lariat for a warmup round of Texas Hold 'em tonight. Tomorrow she's giving her class and then on to the Lariat. Randy sent us some tips of the gang Katie will confront in Los Angeles at the Church of Good Poker Feb. 16. Katie is studying up. One of the players is a professional poker player by trade. Katie is looking forward to meeting him; not intimidated, no sir.

We also got the first round of dentil moulding installed in the bedroom upstairs. Looks good, as Steve likes to say.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Doing her dentil work

Kathleen bent over the crown moulding this morning, readying it for the guest bedroom. She better hurry. This morning she got a phone call from one of the ladies here who wants Katie to teach her pals how to play poker. They agreed to meet this Wednesday afternoon for lessons, then the gang will go to the local poker shack, The Lariat Steakhouse & Saloon, to watch Katie play with the regulars. We're sure she'll have her painting chores finished by then and the paint scrubbed off her hands.
While St. Paul Katie is quite modest about it, she is apparently a good teacher. Her prize pupil, M'liss, is now terrorizing poker halls throughout the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area.
Kathleen will be heading to LA next month to battle a weekend bunch at our friend Randy's Church of Good Poker. She will be accompanied by her driver.Meanwhile, the desktop continues to evolve, with the addition of some beige and more burgundy. Still too rosy? Let us know. Kathleen thinks it's beautiful now. We've got some black freckles yet. Then a little sanding and some polyurethane.

New balance for Stan

Men don't buy new things, they replace old ones. That adage held true Sunday when Stan and Kathleen stopped at the New Balance store on Oracle in Tucson to replace Stan's aging tennies. We try to walk a lot here and stay in shape; flattened arches deaden the legs. We were delighted to find an updated version of Stan's old New Balance tennis shoes. We would have been happier if they were on the clearance rack, but, oh well, we paid the $139 for the pair. Four years ago we paid $159 for them, or $40 a year for walking shoes. Although a podiatrist might shake his head, Virgil would approve.

Erika's character is dying. . .

We asked our cousin, Erika Rolfsrud, for some stage gossip for the blog and to follow up on Harold Rolfsrud's remark that Erika was working in San Diego. She responded today.

Hello, Stan!
Sorry for getting back to you so slowly... I actually use my other email more frequently and check this one every once in awhile. Uncle Harold is correct! I am indeed working in San Diego at the Old Globe Theatre. I am in a play called Sea of Tranquility. Here's a link to the Globe's site, and the specific page for Sea of Tranquility: .

There are some photos, one with me. I don't really look my most radiant best, because my character Nessa is dying... but believe it or not, the role is also very funny! (and p.s. there may be reviews in the "articles" section of the website, but I don't read reviews until the production is over... I don't like knowing anyone else's opinion of the show or my performance until it's too late to let that opinion effect it! Just an actor's superstitious tick, I guess!)

Not much in the way of gossip... I love all the cast and we're doing very well together! I am done here in two weeks, on February 11th. I'm already sad the job is almost over, but it'll be time to get back to NYC and look for that next job! So nice to hear from you!


Sunday, January 27, 2008

It's going to look good, honest.

Be patient, my brothers. This desktop eventually will look good. The pink base will soon go away. Just trying to blend with the pink, mauve, black and cherry theme in the den.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Weekend project: Computer desk

We've got a computer and a desk here in Tucson. That's great. But there are three of us here from time to time and the older we get the more we want to have things our way. Virg spends a lot of time doing trades and monitoring markets from the computer. That's great, (see photo) we want him to be fully linked.
This year Stan brought his own PC, loaded with all his personal files, etc. from Shakopee to Tucson. That was a great idea. We bought a $40 router and now we can share our high-speed line conveniently. So far, so good.
The problem is, there is no desk for Stan's PC. And the other brother likes to be able to spread out when he's doing his paperwork. We need a second, biggger desk.
So Stan brought home a 4 by 8 sheet of medium density fiberboard (MDF) after having the good folks at Home Depot rip about 12 inches off one side and cut 10 inches off one end. Cost of the MDF is $25 for the thickest stuff (3 quarters of an inch).
Inside that 4 by 8 sheet is a computer desk and work table, eager to come out. Watch and see.
First task was to estimate the maximum belly measurements of the end users. Today's flat-screen computer monitors don't require any depth so the space behind the monitor typically goes to waste. Not now. After measuring for the proper indentation, we drew an oval shape (using string, 2 clamps and a pencil) so that we can belly up to the computer monitor and have space left over on the left and right hand side to pile important papers.
As we age, it gets hard to reach, and if your fingers are all crippled up like the other brother's, it gets even harder. So we've come up with this ergonomic shape for active adults who don't like to bend and reach.
Notice the room colors in the photo above. We need to blend the new desktop with the black and mauve wallpaper and the cherry wood. A nice black, burgundy and beige faux finish covered with poly should do the trick. We'll see.
Stand by for more photos.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Door done, fee paid

The big door that will make it possible to split an over-size master bedroom into two rooms was completed today. Handy-man Marucci and his helpful assistants finished at noon. The door looks great.
The job involved moving electrical, cable, patching sheetrock, installing baseboard, laying new tile and, of course, hanging, keying and painting the eight-foot glass door. That means at least five trades were represented in the project. It all came in as bid with Kathleen (she's the boss, Stan explained to Marucci) signing the check.
Steve handled the contract negotiations, but he's home by now.

There may have been a communication problem about whose responsiblity it was to paint the final coat of white wall paint. Either that, or it is the worst cutting in job in painting history. We choose to believe the former, and hold Steve responsible.

Kathleen and Stan will finish the job and send the bill to Steve.

It's getaway day for Virg and Steve

Virg headed north in his big ol' Cadillac early this morning; he'll be in Albuquerque for breakfast, no doubt. Steve is flying home on Northwest; Kathleen drove him to a shuttle stop on I-10 this morning; he'll be back in Minnesota this afternoon.
Kathleen fetched an Asian family-style dinner for a getaway supper last night and was accused of celebrating their departure. Not true. We very much enjoy our time with Stan's brothers this week and feel blessed to have them in our lives.
Stan stayed behind this morning to wait for Mario, who was to be here at 9 a.m. to finish installing a door for us. A crew has been working on it for a couple of days, we will post the result tonight.
The boys were comforted by word that the cold snap in Minnesota is breaking. Hope that's true.
Meanwhile, Kathleen and Stan will tackle the spare bedroom; we do a project every year, and this should be fairly easy. Stan already made some dentil crown moulding from some medium density fiberboard (MDF). Now we have to decide how far down the walls to mount it. We'll post some progress if it occurs.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

We don't miss the cold. . .

But we sure miss our little girl. . .

Dow plunges, Stan & Steve on suicide watch

Before breakfast today, the Dow Jones plunged 450 points, causing Steve and Stan to put Virg on suicide watch, confining him to the ground floor. Virgil continued to watch the markets, while Stan and Steve watched to see if he would cash it in. If this happens, Stan gets the laptop and Steve gets the car.
By the time breakfast was on the table, the Dow was back into a more normal situation, and Katie added special strawberries to help ease the troubles.
We're kidding about all this, of course. Virg is far from being a day trader, his big picture market positions are controlled by other, more rational variables. He watches these swings with mild amusement, as the blonde talking heads in the popular media wow and shriek over the Dow and Nasdaq. Everything is good on Rock Crest this morning. The sun continues to shine.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Soft, breezy, so violet

Becky and Al, our sister and brother-in-law in Venice, Florida, are readying their rental property on Shamrock Boulevard for two tenants who may be coming from the far north, possibly Canada, with strong dollars in their pockets. Have a look at more of the terrific decorating, by clicking on the Jerdee blog, below left.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Virgil shoots par. . . again

Brothers Steve and Stan congratulated Virgil Rolfsrud on his score of 72 -- an even par on the Ranch Golf Course near Tucson. Virg's irons were deadly today, as he stiffed green after green with precision. Virg has shot par before, but today was special because this is the first time both his brothers witnessed it. Our foursome was filled out by Dick Robertson -- who shot an 83. Steve and Stan's scores were not available in time for this posting.

Virgil was one under for most of the day, until a bogey on no. 18. After the round, St. Paul Katie treated her boys to her famous homemade macaroni and cheese, chicken and salad -- followed by skinny cow desserts.
(Photos by Kathleen)

Friday, January 18, 2008

We pretty much had the cave to ourselves

Kathleen rested in the lounge area after a spectacular trek through Carlsbad Caverns.

Traveling in January has its advantages: Stan and Kathleen enjoyed the massive cavern with only a few other visitors, giving a little sense of what the solitude may have been like for the original caver, cowboy Jim White, as he explored alone for years at the beginning of the century. It was only when he was able to get a local wedding photographer to venture down into the cave that the public began to get a sense of the majesty of it all. Lights and railings have improved the access greatly. The cave was formed by mixing sulphur and water, creating sulphuric acid which ate the limestone, leaving spectacular voids. Dripping chemicals formed the requisite stalactites and stalagmites over the millennia.

We took an elevator down 800 feet, leaving the "natural entrance" for others. Our operator was Kim from Ely, Minnesota, looking all perky in her smokey bear hat and ranger outfit. She's been working at the cave for three months.

The cave's existence has been known for centuries, but only the first few hundred feet. There's a 40 foot drop-off that no one seems to have braved until Jim White built a ladder. Part of the cave is home to billions of bats. The horde flies out evenings, seeking insects. It returns to sleep and dump excrement. So there was never any mystery about the cave entrance, clouds of bats showed the way. Their dung, or guano, provided a boost to the local economy.
How's this for a summer job, ladies: For minimum wage, ride down into a deep dark shaft in the greasy guano bucket, scoop bat dung into bags and send them up in the bucket. Lunch at noon if you have a watch and can read it by your lantern, then back to work. Squish.

The guano was sold in California to fertilize orange groves.

We didn't see a bat. The place smelled a little musty, but was very pleasant at 57 degrees, high humdity and no wind. That's the year round temperature, so it makes a great place to visit in the winter -- or summer for that matter, if you like crowds.

New look, new cellphone

News from Knox Ave, Minneapolis
Our daughter Marcy writes:

In a sudden spurt of growing up, 13-year-old Maxwell Tong got glasses and a new cell phone within the same hour.

His mother, Marcelline, likes the glasses Max picked out last week but never imagined they would be picked up in the same hour that he received his first cell phone (via Dad).

Says Marcelline: "He was telling me not to use up his minutes even before the cellphone was charged. I informed him that communicating with his parents was the purpose of the phone."

As for the glasses... Marcelline thinks he does look rather charming in the glasses, but his goal is apparently not to charm, but to "look smarter".

All for now. It's very cold up here and the forecast for the weekend is bitter. Hope Tucson is as pleasant as we imagine.

Marcelline and Max

(TB says: Stay warm, kids. Check the comment from The Ranger on the weather in the post below. BRR)

Lord, that's a big cross!

Texas does not have the world's largest ball of twine (Darwin, Minnesota) or the world's largest frying pan (Rose Hill, North Carolina), but it does have "The Largest Cross in the Western Hemisphere." That's the trailboss at the foot, between the fifth and sixth stations of the cross, for comparsion purposes. We didn't find out the actual height of the cross because the adjacent gift shop was closed. We probably could have inquired at the Blessed Mary's Amer-Tex-Mex restaurant in Groom, but that would have meant backtracking onto Route 66, so we just pressed on.
This one's for you, Sandy!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tucson last night

Arrived in Tucson last night after a wonderful time at Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico.
Virgil made breakfast this morning and Stan couldn't help noticing the pile of cash and the scorecard on the table. Examination of the card indicates he's making the neighborhood boys pay back some of the money taken earlier this year from his brothers.
Old friend Dick Robertson came by to pick up Virg for a round somewhere where Dick can get a deal. They'll drive an hour to get there. Probably talk about Fed Chairman Bernake's address before Congress. Dick's lost some more weight, again, and has sort of a lean and hungry look about him. We'll be cautious.
Tweeny will arrive here Saturday to supervise the installation of an eight-foot door on Monday, which is actually going to be installed for us by local talent, Fritz and Maurie, but you can never have too much management.
Tee time Saturday at 1:15, Virg says. For now, we're just putting things away and getting comfortable. Target, Basha's and Home Depot this afternoon for essentials. And a peak at the Golden Goose Thrift Shop just in case Winston's 5 Vol. World War II history is there.
When we get an internet connection made to Stan's camera and computer, we'll post some photos of our adventures at Carlsbad Caverns, and, of course, the pictures of the largest cross in the western hemisphere.
Weather is nice, getting nicer.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Carlsbad, New Mexico

After a day in the flat, windy, high plains, driving past all sorts of agri-industry and mining: cotton fields and delinting gins, oil, salt, peanuts, pecans, cattle, potash and something called "caleche," plus a look at the Palo Duro Canyon and the Goodnight Ranch, we're checking in at Carlsbad. Every road in Texas seems to be 70 mph, so the back roads, if they're paved, make just as good time as the freeway. The freeway route is a little more interesting, Kathleen asserts, because at least you have an occasional highway sign to read and some traffic to notice.
Carlsbad looks like a neat town, compared with some of the junky small towns littered with irrigation pipes, oil services and cotton trash.
We spotted a nice-looking Italian Cafe in Carlsbad; we're looking forward to a dinner and a relaxing afternoon/evening. Maybe if we can find a driving range. . .
The palms and yuccas started immediately upon crossing the New Mexico border.
Tomorrow the caverns.

Clinton, Oklahoma

We're leaving Clinton after a night in the motel here, and just in time too. The local tv stations are touting a much-anticipated cold snap. Today it will be 60 here and then "cold surges" of a high of 20 and 30. Gosh. Some of the rare water may freeze around here.
Today we hope to view the Palo Duro Canyons south of Amarillo, then on to Carlsbad.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Rest Stop in Kansas

Kathleen and Stan are writing this from a Rest Stop on the Kansas Turnpike. Hope to make Clinton OK by tonight, then on to Texas and Carlsbad Caverns. Stay tuned. Everything fine. Temperature is 44 degrees. Snow gone in Missouri. Later.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Stan honored at annual Southwest event

At a recent high-level meeting of Southwest Newspapers executives, Stan Rolfsrud let it slip to General Manager Mark Weber that he has never owned nor worn a pair of zuba pants. This information was not so much given as a point of pride, but simply for the record. The methodical, stoic Weber showed no reaction to this bald assertion, nor did he reveal that he, himself, owns and has many times worn this once-ubiquitous garment. Instead, he made small marks in the margin of his notes, and continued the high-level meeting.
Subsequent enlistment of clothing maven Bob Suel in a frenzied zuba search resulted in a discovery at Wally's Sportswear in Chaska, where the hip proprietor apparently believes this 80s item is really coming back. Bob purchased a pair in the "one size fits all" category and the trap was set. It was sprung last night when Stan was ceremoniously called to the dais at the annual Southwest Holiday party, supposedly for some kind of thoughtful bon voyage gift that he should "use everyday." Thinking that Weber had regressed to time-worn bald man stunts for a cheap laugh, Stan assumed the package would contain a toupee.
He was momentarily stunned when purple polyester/cotton zubas tumbled out of the Christmas package. His wife, who thinks zubas are really cool but has never had the inclination to buy hubby a pair, was delighted.
She made these photographs today, encouraging Stan to style in his sexy best, repeating, "C'mon, work with me, work with me."
You likey? Yes. They will be packed for Arizona.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Jenn Rolfsrud gets a legal job

BULLETIN: Jennifer Rolfsrud has accepted a position clerking for a judge in the Ramsey County Courthouse. She goes to work Tuesday. She is currently studying for the bar exam to be taken the end of February.
Husband, Ford, is thrilled.
Aunt Kathleen is most approving of Jennifer working in beautiful St. Paul.
Congratulations and Good Luck, Jennifer!

She likes riding ruff and tuff

The hardest part about leaving for Arizona this weekend is saying "bye bye" to Emmy K. She's 21 months, 34 inches tall and 31 pounds today. By mid-March we fear she'll be on a basketball team and won't want to play with us anymore.
Missy put her in a Valentine's outfit for us today.
She's getting extra special everything now from Grandma and Grandpa.
Got to run. We're hunting for that Little Red Hen again.

(Wooden rocking horse from the Golden Goose Thrift Shop, Catalina, AZ)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Keep your duck safe, stranger advises

"Rolfsruds & Friends" recently received a nice note from "floridajeanp." She was apparently surfing for Messer pottery and came upon the Rolfsrud heirloom duck, presently secured in the Rolfsrud Relics Repository (RRR) at an undisclosed location in Tucson, adjacent to the Veeder pottery exhibit. You can search for our old blog story by using the keyword "Messer" in the blog search box above. The photo below includes a coffee mug for size comparison.
Here's what Jean had to say about the family duck. We're grateful for her comments and advice.

I bought a Messer holstein bull pottery piece for $5.99 and it sold on eBay for $585.00.
I was told that Mr. Messer also did commissioned work for some cattle ranchers, so maybe mine went back to one of them. The bull sold to someone in North Dakota.
Some eBayers have a program that shows their completed listings for the past two years. You could see my cow and two herefords that also sold prior to mine selling. They closed out at $350.00 & up. Find an eBay store and ask if he's worth selling. They will want your business once they see what Messer pottery is worth, as they sell on commission.
They should be able to give you a high and low for all the Messer pieces that have sold on eBay. However, at a live eBay auction, your duck may go higher than I think, plus the history of the piece is very interesting.
Keep your duck safe, he may be worth more than you think. I wasn't sure my cow would bring what the Herefords brought. I'm sure you've seen ebay items that are nearly identical but one sells really high and the other sells for a few dollars or not at all.
I was totally surprised that my "cash cow" went so high.
Sincerely, Jean P.

(The blog has yet to receive any information on what Dad wrote about Joe Messer in "Extraordinary North Dakotans" that triggered the gift. There is a library of Rolfsrud books at the Wexford. Linda, it is your assignment to look up Joe Messer and illuminate R&F as soon as you get back from Puerto Rico. Thank you.)

A Fair Warning

"I cannot pretend to feel impartial about colours. I rejoice with the brilliant ones and am genuinely sorry for the poor browns."
Sir Winston Churchill
(Portrait commissioned in 1944, copy framed and hung by Stan in 2007, above quotation selected by Kathleen for use in Christmas gift.)

Stan and Kathleen are looking at color chips for the guest bedroom in Tucson. We've got the comforter and the pillow cases. We're in a colorful mood, dear brothers, be warned. More importantly, we're also in a mood for colorful guests. We depart this weekend. Virg is there already, says the greens are in great condition on the Ranch Course -- and he knows about such things.
Stan's favorite Christmas present this year was a hardbound "Sir Winston Churchill, His Life and Paintings" to go with the Gilbert biography. When we get to Tucson we will begin the hunt for Churchill's five-volume "History of the Second World War," in hardcover first edition, starting at the storied Golden Goose Thrift Shop and expanding the search into the greater Tucson area. There's a trove of stuff like this left behind in the estates of Arizona old-timers. The heirs just don't want to carry the books back home, it would seem.
Please indulge one more quotation. Churchill, a gifted writer, said:
"Broadly speaking, the short words are the best, and the old words best of all."

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A family letter from the Cowcat in AZ

(Cisco the cat belongs to the Tony Brewer family in Yuma, AZ. Tony is Kathleen Rolfsrud's only nephew. We suspect Cisco had help from a very talented Yvonne Brewer, Tony's wife.)

Well, howdy there folks, this is your old cowcat Cisco here and I was just saying to the Brewers that it was past time they get on wit’it and write that newsletter they been done meaning to. Those folks are so dang gone busy that once again this old cat had to dust off his paws and git to typin’ and ya’ll know there’s alotta dust out here in these parts.
Life is good for us all here in Yuma, Arizona. Matter of fact, everyone here is quite happy we done made the move into cactus country. It’s good for cowcats too so as long as ya’ stay inside where it’s nice and cool, there’s nothin’ like a Arizona siesta!
My favorite Sheriff, Tony, is in charge of the Winterhaven Sheriff Substation (that’s in Winterhaven, California ya’ll) and he still patrols the Quechan Indian Reservation but since he’s done gone up to Sergeant now, he mostly supervises. It’s a comfy position you know and he sure does like being there. Can you believe he’s done been with the Imperial County Sheriff’s Office now for nearly twenty-three years? Hmm, maybe I should consider gettin’ myself one of those nice jobs but I don’t quite think the fur and badge would work out quite as well if ya’ know what I mean. Other than that, he’s still quite the same, when he’s not chasin’ ruffians, he’s chasin’ them kids ‘round that house like they done had warrants or somethin’.
As for Miss Yvonne, she’s doin’ quite well herself. She’s in school gettin’ some of that college education so she can become an English Professor. She done joined the Honors Program and is workin’ with others in the same area. But folks, don’t feel too sorry for Tony, he’s a still getting’ a good homecooked meal.’

I know ya’ll are anxious to hear how them kids are doin’ so I won’t waste your time. Them cowhands are doin’ just as fine as a cactus in the middle of a summer heatwave.
Miss Evelyn done finished investin’ another year in Girl Scouts and that’ll make six years of service for her. She is eleven years young and is also now in Junior High and is enjoyin’ goin’ out to dances and all but not without Tony too far away. Just in case ya’ missed it, she got the full Sheriff escort from her Pa who was much to happy to oblige her with transportation.
That Andy just keeps getting bigger and bigger everyday and is a powerhouse just like a locomotive. He just done turned five years young about two weeks ago and is just like his Pa when it comes to trains and cars and an occasional horse. He’ll be startin’ school in fall of ’08 and his Ma and Pa expect to be a hearing from his teachers about his ruffian ways. Don’t worry folks, even though he’s tough and rough he ain’t got no problem with the ladies. Yes sir, those gals be linin’ up to touch his hair and sit next to him. His favorite shirt says “Ladies Man” and I reckon it so.
Now comes the good part….me. I’ve been doing alright myself. Tony and Miss Yvonne thought I might like a lil’ company so they brought home a new cat as white as the sands in New Mexico. Her name is Snowflake according to Miss Evelyn and Snowball if you’re askin’ Andy, but I just like to call her mine. She’s a pretty young thing too!
We hope all of you good ladies and cowhands are doing good. Try and keep yourself well and give us a holler if ya’ feel like it!
Take care,

Your favorite cowcat, Cisco Brewer, and the whole Brewer gang.

It's Briggsy!

Remember Mr. and Mrs. Bill Siitari? We haven't heard so much from those newlyweds lately. She disappeared into some dusty library at Harvard and as the Bob Cratchit of Peet Scrooge and Marley, he doesn't look up very much, so it was really great to see the new post on their blog today! There she is, as cute as a button, about as far East as you can get and still be in this country. Check it out. (For those of you who googled in, searching with a "Bob Cratchit" keyword, sorry for the detour. But you should know that Briggs is Stan's niece, the daughter of Steve and Nancy Rolfsrud. Ain't she sweet?)

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Thanks for the call, Adam

Our email service has been crippled up for two days now; our geek went to the dentist this morning and begged off coming to repair it for now. So we can receive, but we cannot send emails. Thank you for your mail; sorry we haven't responded. Today we are getting ready to go to Tucson. Want to make arrangements in Des Moines. Can't send an email to Adam and Kim.
This morning Adam responded to yesterday's headline and all is right with the world.
Meanwhile, Harold Rolfsrud called from the oilfields of western North Dakota. No, not to report a strike, just that he and Marilyn MIGHT make it through Tucson this February after visiting Kelly in Alabama and relatives in Texas.
And he had a correction to the blog: the woman in the North Dakota picture of strong women with above average children that Stan could not identify is Megan, Douglas Rolfsrud's eldest; she's currently a student at NDSU. -- Sorry Megan.

This morning, Kathleen spotted three turkeys walking around the house. Stan ran downstairs to get the camera, went outside and spooked them a bit, but was able to draw a bead and get the attached shots. Stealth was never his strength. Appears to be no problem for mighty elk hunter David Rolfsrud, however. We asked Harold how big the elk was. He didn't really know. Uff Da.

Monday, January 07, 2008

A horse in the parking lot at Champps

Multi-tasking St. Paul Katie made the rounds in Minneapolis today. First she dropped off "3:10 to Yuma" and "Can't Remember by the Cohen Bros" at Shel and Kristi's. Brother Randy had forgotten them at our house while visiting last week. (Icks nay on both the DVDs. Didn't enjoy either one, and was grateful for the free viewing.) Then Katie continued on to Champps for the January meeting of the Ladies Who Lunch and the official delivery of the framed art you see above. This original art was created by a friend of Chuck and M'Liss and special to them, but alas, they were unable to find a suitable frame, so it spent most of its time under the bed in a bag. Stan, using his big basement chop saw and some moulding, whipped up a frame and mounted the art, so the work can now find a proper place in C & M's home. By the way, the art seems to be a modern version of a charging horse, but that's just an opinion by the frame maker. Art is. . .