Thursday, June 30, 2011

. . . but it was TOOOO Big!

Thursdays are the best days for garage sales. You still have time if you get crackin'. 
You're welcome.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Manhunt on the way to Creeks Bend

Driving south on County Road 79 this morning on the way to a round of golf, Stan noticed cops at almost every intersection he drove through. Same thing on the way home. A check with the local sheet revealed that he had driven right through an active manhunt.

Come to think about it, he did recall that some of the cops looked real hard at him.

The locals pulled out all the stops and got their men. It took a dog and a helicopter to do it, but tonight two suspects are jailed in the Scott County slammer and we're resting easy.

We almost had a super photo to go with this. Read the comment from a frustrated reporter below.

Here's the story from the Shakopee Valley News blog.
A nearly five-hour manhunt in wooded, swampy rural Shakopee ended with the arrest of both suspects in a burglary in Spring Lake Township on Wednesday.

William Benjamin II, 35, and Jason Phyle, 26, are in custody at the Scott County Jail awaiting charges, which are likely to be filed Thursday, said Capt. Jeff Swedin of the Scott County Sheriff’s Office.

About 7:30 a.m. Wednesday, the owner of a home at 16861 Marschall Road (County Road 17) called 911 to report that a person was trying to enter his home. When a Scott County deputy arrived at the home, he spotted one of the suspects, who fled on foot.

Soon after the deputy began to chase the man, another officer noticed a vehicle fleeing the scene toward Spring Lake Estates, a residential area just across Marschall Road. A canine unit located Benjamin attempting to hide in a tree in a residential yard just north of County Road 12. He surrendered when police ordered him to come down, said Swedin.

Area police and tactical teams, the county sheriff’s office, state troopers, metro-area canine units and officials from the Department of Natural Resources and Three Rivers Park District spent more than four hours trying to track down Phyle.

At about 12:10 p.m., police spotted Phyle paddling a small boat on Campbell Lake, about 400 yards from the home where the burglary occurred, Swedin said. A State Patrol helicopter hovered over the man, who paddled to shore and put his hands up, surrendering. He was handcuffed without further incident, Swedin said.

The homeowner was not harmed during the burglary.

Swedin said investigators are still trying to determine whether either of the suspects entered the home.

“The homeowner didn’t see them come into the house, but there’s an indication by some of the evidence that they were in the house,” Swedin said.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hold your calls. We have a winner.

The identity of the mystery plant that suddenly bloomed in our backyard during the summer solstice has been determined. Expert examination proved it to be a Michaelis Fauxe Psilkus. Not particularly rare, except in outdoor settings. A hardy chap, it continues to bloom on through wind, rain and shine and has yet to drop a leaf.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Two party system

These good-looking siblings are the progeny of Patrick and Evon Minelli, who were up very late last night finishing the manicotti for today's graduation party to honor their son, Matthew, at Prior Lake's Sandy Point Park. Today is also Ali's birthday, so there were two cakes to cut.
Patrick has been the editor of the Shakopee Valley News since the Reagan administration.
Part of a photo montage of The Life Of Matthew Minelli
That's Pat with his hand in the incubator, top left
Click to enlarge
When Matthew, touted as a "million dollar baby" because of his premature birth, was born 18 years ago, Pat left the office long enough to ensure his wife and newborn were in safe hands, then returned to put out a decent edition of the paper. Pat reads this blog from time to time, signing dry comments as "The Ranger," in homage to his Hibbing roots on the Mesabi Iron Range. Sadly, his ex-boss was born on the diminutive and defunct Cuyuna Range by Crosby-Ironton, so Pat has never bestowed full range rights to him. Many family members -- some true rangers in their own right -- attended today's affair, wishing Matthew the very best.
Bonfire on the beach tonight.

Happy Birthday, Mary Louise!

Kathleen's sister, Mary Lou, celebrates in Durango, Colorado, today. We'll see her in St. Paul this summer when there is a memorial for her late husband, David Brewer (below in 2005), who died last October. We hope to see their children, Tony and Heidi, as well. Have a great day, sis!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

We went to a Garden Party...

Hai, Andrew, Bekka and Thuy, along with neighbors, family and friends celebrated Andrew's graduation from Prior Lake High School this afternoon in the back yard garden.
Shrimp salad dressed with hand-cut red peppers
A cool June afternoon in a fresh back yard garden provided the perfect setting for Andrew Dang's high school graduation party today. Friends and neighbors of the Prior Lake family enjoyed a sparkling buffet of Asian treats, hand cut and cooked for the occasion by family members. The graduate circulated easily among the guests, greeting and serving, and making his parents ever more proud of their fine young man.

Hai, Andrew, Thuy
(Egg rolls, fried rice, pork dish)
Andrew will attend the University of Minnesota in the fall, he has earned scholarships and the support of his parents, who are both U of M Alumni. After immigrating from Vietnam, they worked their way through school in a burst of achievement undimmed by a host of financial, lingual and cultural challenges, and are now a source of inspiration for their freshman son.
Fifteen years ago Stan had the opportunity to hire Andrew's Dad, a new father with bills to pay and an idea that he wanted a science career in biology. Recognizing the fire blazing in this energetic, talented, brilliant man, Stan convinced him to try newspapers instead, even though the immigrant said he rarely read one and didn't believe they could actually make any money. The rest is history. Today Andrew's Dad is an indispensable cog in the Southwest Newspapers organization, where he manages all the information systems, designs clever artwork, creates software and stimulates those around him to do better.
(Kathleen is the tall one)

In the meantime, as the family's employer, Stan has enjoyed a traditional position of dignity and  respect throughout this extended Vietnamese family unit, a unique cultural status with very good benefits and a title that goes with it: "Oohm Stan," -- which is sort of like saying Uncle Stan, only with respect.
So it was with a mixture of pride and nostalgia that we attended Andrew's celebration today. We are real excited too, because we know the stuff he's made of and so we know, whatever he does, it's going to be really, really good.
OK. Beer me, Hai.

Mystery plant

We've received inquiries overnight as to the genus of the unusual brilliant yellow plant that appeared in yesterday's Emily post. We've owned the backyard beauty for quite a while, it burst out overnight this week, apparently timed with the summer solstice. We don't know its name, we may have to give it one, unless a sharp-eyed reader can identify it for us. The plant lasts a long time, very durable. We know there are floral experts reading this blog. Click to enlarge. Now help.

Friday, June 24, 2011


It's a red, white and blue tradition -- burning snakes in the driveway. Emily and Grandma ignited a couple of packs worth, saving a few for later. (Remember. We always slide the box closed first before we strike the farmer matches. ABC Always Be Careful.)

Joyous exploration on a colorful, sunshiny day

High of 75. Clear. Dry. Calm. Unusual. Grateful.
Two graduation parties scheduled over a perfect weekend. Lucky. Lucky.

Happy Birthday, Becky Lynn!

Enjoy your day, Becky!
(For the benefit of our July visitors to Minnesota: The celebrant is Virgil's wife, not to be confused with Becky (Rebecca) Jerdee, Erling and Beverly's eldest, who they named after her grandmother, Rebecca Heide Rolfsrud, who immigrated from Norway in 1904. Incidentally, Virgil and Becky were married in Norway. There will be a quiz.)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Weeping peonies

It's still exciting to see them get ready for their big show, all fat and pregnant down there near the Norwegian pine. Then one day they burst and we stop and remark and take long admiring looks at them, and wish they could stay a little longer. They never do, of course, but this year's visit was especially brief, what with the wind and the rain taking over most of the late, late spring show. Today's morning shower left fresh drops on our departing pink peonies, a tearful apology for the shortened stay.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Western North Dakota report

Not much to see in this vast acreage, other than the curvature of the earth.
Got a call from Guy Rolfsrud, our western North Dakota correspondent. He says it is very wet at the Rolfsrud farm this year, but 90 percent of the crops are in. Mostly wheat, some feed crops. Says that is not the case for many farmers in the region who have been unable to plant because of wet fields.
That's unfortunate, because it looks like commodity prices are going to be pretty good this year (but don't say anything about it to anyone, sounds like bragging.)
Guy says they used two tractors to plant this spring. One to plant, the other to pull the planter out when it got stuck. If you want to see the kind of mega equipment they use, click on the movie of Steve and Virg trying out the Big John Deere a couple summers ago.
Guy says everyone is fine, though his golf handicap is slipping a bit. Right now the bulk of them are in Florida, attending Megan's wedding. (She's Doug's daughter).
We'll expect a full report from Cousin Harold when they return.

Monday, June 20, 2011

And he didn't shave either

Our grand nephew, Blake Underwood, has been growing his hair out in protest because his Des Moines baseball team has never won a trophy. He refused to get a haircut until they won a trophy.
Well, they did it Sunday...the protest seems to have inspired the team. Now their chant is, "Blake's getting a haircut! Blake's getting a haircut!"...something Nana heard as she left the ball field yesterday with these photos.

Country School reunion buzz

Got a note from Dorothy today, said that she had been to Joyce Kluver's funeral a few weeks ago. All of the Kluver siblings were in attendance -- said they would all try and return for the reunion,-- seems Joyce has had some heart problems most of her life, she was 69 in May when she passed. 
Dorothy said that Earl Anderson wants to help with reunion, and that she has spoken to Harvey Navratil, said he felt there would be 150- 200 in attendance, Dorothy thought that was rather high number, however she thought that might be what to plan for, what are your thoughts on that number?-- she sent me info from the historical society on the school enrollment and names from the early years, she is getting the teacher list as well. 
Is LuAnn writing about the schools history?
Are we having a program? Should I get name tags?
Hot here now. huh???
It's getting closer by the day-- YAY!
see you soon,

Country School Reunion July 31 
at the Forada Supper Club in Forarda, MN.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Totally hooked

From the website: People have travelled along the Norwegian coastline with “Hurtigruten” since 1893. The journey is known as “The World’s Most Beautiful Sea Voyage”. Now everybody can travel along in the world’s longest TV program! Spectacular fjords, midnight sun and genuine Norwegian scenery make the setting for a trip from Bergen to Kirkenes. We broadcast the whole trip live minute by minute for 134 hours!
We're totally hooked on the virtual cruise up the Norwegian Coast. We've been watching the fjords pass by this morning, listening to the paying passengers sing and eat, watching the cooks cut up the huge cod, hearing the PA announcements in three languages warning visitors to go ashore, gawking at the hubbub of cars coming and going off the ship. This is a first class cruise in real time.
We wonder if our grandparents ever used this sailing company. Certainly they knew of it.
The lunch buffet today looked absolutely stunning. And it's fun to hear the interviews with the passengers that they do from time to time. . . even if you can't understand a word of it.
Click here to have a look, English version. We'll be cruising in to Harstad by tomorrow, according to the itinerary on the site. Lots of open ocean today above the Arctic Circle. Neptune has arrived to baptize passengers in a traditional ritual. Seas look calm.
I know, I know, we need to get a real life.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A note from Gunnar in Norway

This is a live screen shot of the Norway Coast tonight under the Midnight Sun. Norwegian Public TV has a team on a cruise ship that is broadcasting every minute of its weekly coastal voyage.  It's kind of a neat idea, takes 138 hours to do. Our Norwegian relative thought we might get a kick out of this. Go to the site by clicking here and get in on the actual voyage.
Got an email from Gunnar Rolfsrud, our relative in Norway, tonight. He and his brother are coming with a tour group to Minnesota and North Dakota in July and we look forward to meeting them, probably in Roseville.
In the meantime, Gunnar notes that the Norwegian Public Television station is broadcasting a non-stop live 138 hour view from a ship going up the coast of Norway. This is the time for the Midnight Sun, so there's plenty of light to do this.
This is Sandnessjoen in northern
Norway. Our grandmother
probably came from around here.
Can you check on this, Sosie?

Watching it can be a bit like watching paint dry, but you can hear the sounds of the ship and then views of the spectacular Norwegian Coast comes in to view. All of this is explained in an English version of the page that you will land on if you follow this link:
Hurtigruten voyage
Click on this and look around. On the top of the page is a view of the Norway Coast. Click on the icon there to get started. Eventually you'll get to their camera on the ocean. It's pretty cool. It looks like the ship will be in Harstad in a day or so. We have relatives there, or at least did have. Help?
Ship's officer at one of the stops

When Gunnar and Knut get here we'll post some more about them here. Their grandparents stayed in Norway while ours immigrated to North Dakota.
We've never met and we're excited to greet and talk with them. Gunnar has good English. We have a previous post about them. (He's got a granddaughter named Emily!) Put "Gunnar" into the search box above to get some background on these Norwegian Rolfsruds.
Here's Gunnar's note:
It's 3 a.m. but these happy Norwegians
are out and about, hooting, hollering and
greeting the camera ship
at their remote northern port.
Hello Stan
If you are interested looking at the Norwegian coastline and fjords, then you should find - "Hurtigruten, minutt for minutt" on internet.
The Norwegian Broadcasting Cooperation have a team onboard one of the coastal vessels going from Bergen to Kirkenes. Presently, they are close to an island with a mountain called Torghatten and the midnight sun is beautiful.
Hope to see you in a couple of days.
Best regards
Here's a cool shot we grabbed of some crazy Norwegians waving their flags as the video camera ship passed their island tonight. Guess they want to be on tv too. Lighting is courtesy of the Midnight Sun.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Look what I did!

Grandpa, look I went on the go cart, I really did, I made it go, first with Mom and then by myself. No really and we went swimming I was under water and no water went in my nose and I went fast. We stayed in a hotel we had a water park. Wisconsin Dells, we went on the duck ride. We went on the speed boat. It was fun and there was big waves and we went around in a circle. And we lived in a hotel. And then we had a swimming pool. And I went under water. And friends were there. And I opened my eyes underwater. I brought all my stuff there even my suitcase. Even my mom brang all of her clothes and her suitcase. And there was a rainbow by the hotel. And Eden Prairie there was a rainbow there too. We didn't bring our cats but there was flowers there at the hotel.

Sunset cruise on Darling

The weather was perfect for a sunset cruise on the Alexandria chain of lakes last night. A massive snow pack raised the area lakes to levels never seen by old-timers like Russ and Bobby, the lake shore natives who co-own this ancient craft. A spillway on the north end of Lake Carlos drains the overage as fast as it can, flushing torrents down the Long Prairie River to the bloated Old Man. Flooded basements and spongy lawns are presently the norm for this century-old central Minnesota playground. Last night Stan and this crew of fun-seekers cruised to the outdoor deck at the famed Arrowwood Lodge, where a be-sotted oldies band in black shorts and sunglasses crooned 50s favorites (Trini Lopez, the Everly Brothers, Elvis, etc) and the deck burgers and sweet potato fries satisfied old rock-and-rollers bringing down the sun.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Screen shot from today's IChat

Jennifer (at a coffee shop in Colorado), Joe (in Nisswa) and Stan and Kathleen (at home in Shakopee) had a nice half hour chat this afternoon on their MacBooks, using Jabber software. Here's a screen shot taken right after Kathleen read us a passage from her new book.

Congratulations Ford!

Coach of the Year
Here's Ford
with a future netster.
Our nephew Ford Rolfsrud, the Shakopee High School Varsity Tennis Coach, has been elected the Section Coach of the Year. The award is conferred by his 13 fellow section coaches.
The team was 15-3 in the regular season this year (most wins and best record ever), second in the conference (highest finish in history), and won a playoff match for the first time in recorded history. Final record was 16-4. Ford had eight seniors on the Varsity this season. That's a lot, so he's facing a rebuilding year.
Ford has led the Shakopee Boys for the past five years, building a struggling team into the town's best tennis program ever.
"Kids who play hard on the court and work hard in the classroom make coaches look really good," said the respected math teacher, who lives with his wife and daughter in Shakopee.
Before coming to Shakopee and making Rolfsrud a household word, Ford coached two years of Varsity Boys in Colorado at Mountain View and then served as the boys and girls coach at Middleton, Wisconsin, where his boys won the section championship in 2005.
Although this has not been recently verified, it is believed that da nephew is still in possession of a 125 mph serve.
Jenn, Ford, Kaia

Portrait selection was a big deal

It was always part of the buzz at the coffee shops in Alexandria. Who was picked this time as the newspaper's portrait feature? Who deserved it more. . . or less? Who should be picked next time? Each week the Park Region Echo presented the biography of one of the locals, and it was indeed an honor to see your life story and photograph in the hometown sheet. Dad got written up and photographed for it once. On January 2, 1973, it was Mom's turn. We found the yellowed clipping the other day and it's still a good read. Here it is, complete with a little philosophy spun by Magel, the reporter assigned to the weekly task:

Portrait of the Week,
Park Region Echo, Alexandria, MN
January 2, 1973
By Magel Brekke
Appreciation of music is perhaps one of the most stimulating ways in which to begin the New Year. In pondering upon resolutions to be made, one recalls a statement once made by Lord Erskine; "Music is the only language in which you cannot say a mean or sarcastic thing." No season of the year brings music into greater prevalence than the season past with its beautiful Christmas hymns. In relating them to the beginning of a New Year, Beverly Rolfsrud referred to the hymns as the 'heralding of beginnings,' alluding especially to the words of the aria from the Christmas Oratorio by J.S. Bach which states; "Prepare Thyself, Zion, with tender affection the purest, the fairest, this day to receive." It certainly is a theme and a resolution to live by as the New Year begins.

Beverly (Mrs. Erling) Rolfsrud stated that music is at the threshold of her memory. A daughter of Paul Brown, a pioneer of Adams County, North Dakota, she and her two sisters and three brothers were familiarized with music from their father who had been an entertainer in France during World War I under the auspices of the YMCA, then a counterpart of the USO of today. Although her mother never sang, she had a beautiful low contralto speaking voice, one similar to the lovely voice Mrs. Rolfsrud has developed in her vocal talents of today. Beverly, as a young child, appeared frequently on WDAY radio with her father as they produced a program of sacred and folk songs; she also played clarinet and banjo. "If doing is knowing," she said, "I knew right then that music was going to be my life."
Following Beverly's graduation from Central High School in Fargo, North Dakota, she attended Wheaton College during the years in which Billy Graham was also a student there. She recalled his carrying heavy trays in the dining hall and his quality of being service-minded, even then being able to work with all types of people.   Beverly earned her bachelor of arts degree from Concordia College, majoring in voice, but also studying clarinet, organ and piano. She was a second semester junior at the time of her marriage to Mr. Erling Rolfsrud.
The Rolfsruds resided in northern Minnesota previous to their move to Alexandria. Five of their children were born during those years. Becky (Mrs. Allen Jerdee,) resides in St. Paul with her 5-year old daughter, Amy, and her husband, a pastor at St. Stephen's Church in St. Paul. Linda (Mrs. Ronald Letnes,) and her husband, a pastor of St. Matthew's Church, reside in Aurora, Colorado. Stanley Rolfsrud is news editor for the Carver County Sun and resides in Chanhassen. Solveig (Mrs. William Shearer) and her husband live in Baltimore, Maryland. Stephen Rolfsrud will soon graduate from the University of Minnesota with a major in education. Virgil, the only Rolfsrud child born in Alexandria, is presently in business administration at Moorhead State College. The Rolfsrud children who have completed their college degrees have continued in the field of work for which they were prepared. 
Mrs. Rolfsrud, while an active homemaker, has taught private vocal and piano lessons since before moving to Alexandria. She came to this area as an experienced choral conductor and has, from time to time, directed choirs at First Lutheran Church. In that church, also, she has taken and taught the Bethel series as well as serving as an instructor in the church's weekday educational program. Her husband has served for many years as organist of that church. Mr. Rolfsrud teaches 9th grade English at Central High School and has authored about 20 books which relate to history, biography and devotional material.

Junior Euterpean Club was organized in Alexandria in the early 1960s largely through the efforts of Mrs. Rolfsrud who has always been active in Euterpean Club. Her beautiful voice has been heard on many occasions as she has presented programs throughout the community. In 1965 Mrs. Rolfsrud was honored with acceptance into the Minnesota Chapter of the National Association of Teachers of Singing.
Mrs. Rolfsrud had updated her teaching certificate and was working towards her master's degree when, in 1969, an opportunity was offered to teach music in the schools of Brooten, Minnesota. Thirty-five years ago she had thought she wanted to teach and the experience today has fulfilled her every expectation. "There are 'Golden Moments' in every single day," she stated. She is a music specialist teaching first grade through senior high. She also teaches music to the special education class, the group whose evident approval makes each day worthwhile. "Every person in the world makes music at some time or other, " stated Mrs. Rolfsrud. Working with various degrees of talent in her capacity as teacher, she tries to challenge to the utmost the efforts of each child as she instructs them in coordination, harmony, melody and rhythm.
A great variety of interests are assumed in the busy days of Mrs. Rolfsrud and, odd though it may seem, all begin with the letter "s." There is singing, swimming, sewing, snow, study and "Segovia." Two years ago she began the study of the guitar. She now teaches twenty students who are required also to sing as they learn to play the instrument. In her sewing, Mrs. Rolfsrud recently completed two 12-foot banners which were used at First Lutheran Church and for the two Christmas concerts which she presented with her students in Brooten.
Music in this New Year has indeed been a 'heralding of beginnings' for Beverly Rolfsrud. Devoted to her family and her work, she frequently refers to one certain passage from the Bible: "The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; His mercies never come to an end. They are new every morning." The inspiring message of faith (quoted from Lamentations) with daily introduction to beautiful music serve as a complete theme for a great and Happy New Year.     

Monday, June 13, 2011

Mankato branch

In 1979 when newlywed Steve and Nancy dunked their hands in a bucket of red paint to make their marks, they were the only ones on their little branch of our family tree. Today Grandma Nancy and Grandpa Steve were in town to spend time with Kaia. After they put their hands on Becky's quilt on the screen porch this afternoon, we headed over to Little Six for the walleye special. MMM.

A good report from the Vet

Birdie went through a battery of tests this morning to determine why she's been throwing up. Tests included x-rays just in case she swallowed another bolt. On Saturday, a preliminary test had revealed pancreatic problems. She fasted over the weekend and this morning her tests showed everything as normal. So she was allowed to eat today and she really went for the gruel Kathleen made up. So far everything is good. Here's her test results, showing the marks in the mid-range:

So far, since last week, $835.58.
(Now keep your lunch down, Birdie.)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

On the Twins wifi network.

We didn't get picked for Kiss Cam, but we did get to watch Francisco Liriano no hit the Rangers through seven innings and then Michael Cuddyer hit a three run homer. Fast game. 6-1 Twins. See photo below of Liriano pitching with seven zeros. This would have been his second no-hitter this season. Oh well. Great game.

And now, horse tips from Rainy Lake

Subject: Horse guessing
Date: June 12, 2011 6:59:11 AM CDT
To: Stan Rolfsrud 
 From: Wayne Kasich


Seems to me that handicapping isn't that difficult. Kathleen and her sister should have looked at the history of this race. The last three years the average odds were 17 to 1. The favorite has not won since 1995. A two dollar bet could have won $142 plus change. Six bucks wagered and Birdie's vet bill would be covered.
Next year I'll make up one of those handicap sheets and give it to Kathleen. I'll just do a decade of average odds, increase the odds a couple points for the most stupid horse name and you have the winner. It's a no-brainer, piece of cake, sure thing. And the sheet will be free to friends. (a mere 20 % of the wnnings)
Let me know if you need any help with anything else.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Their Trifecta: Broken, Busted, and Beaten

Two Neilsons have returned from a total disaster at the track this afternoon. None of their carefully handicapped selections came in the money. Nada. Not Animal Kingdom (slipped at the starting gate); not Nehro, not Shackelford, not even Mucho Macho Man. The Belmont Stakes winner was a longshot, "Ruler on Ice," at 24 to 1. Certainly not a horse ever on the Neilson radar. Wounds were licked out on the screen porch this pleasant evening with a reminder that big sister Mary Lou out in Durango, Colorado, owes the cartel $8.
This evening, Destitute Dan stayed on for a second helping of his sister's weiner water soup.

Mary Lou likes Animal Kingdom in today's Belmont

The sisters Neilson were handicapping over the phone this morning, hoping to pick the winner in today's Belmont Stakes. Kathleen's Durango sister, Mary Lou, thinks the winner of the Kentucky Derby (Animal Kingdom, above) is a good bet worth $2; Kathleen's not convinced, she's looking for a long shot that might yield big bucks. (Baby needs shoes and Birdie needs medicine.) Kathleen wants to build a Trifecta -- Animal Kingdom, Nehro and Shackelford -- perhaps. She'll head to Canterbury Park soon to put money down for her sister and maybe her brother. If enough bets are made.. . there will be a winner!
We'll report.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Hey. That's the neighbor's dog in our yard

Rules is rules. Life is simple.
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Never give yourself a haircut after three margaritas. Put the lid down when you're finished. Yield to pedestrians. Everyone seems normal until you get to know them.
Never pass up an opportunity to pee. Don't spit into the wind. The five most essential words for a healthy, vital relationship are, "I apologize" and "you are right." Keep your eye on the ball. Be a responsible pet owner. Be a good neighbor.

And remember, the job isn't finished until the paperwork is done.