Monday, March 27, 2006

Special to Sue Krueger

Steve says: The more trees of any kind there are in the front yards the better. Acacia and palm appear to be the two most common. But the best source is Carolyn Masolini who truly is the neighborhood arborist.

Stan says: Hoover was actually born on St. Patrick's Day, but she isn't green. Adjust your monitor for best results.

Virgil apparently is in transit. We haven't heard from him lately. He's bringing the family to Tucson for spring break. He'd be happy to suggest tree species.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

We get a note from the neighbors

Hi All,
This is coming from 37154 Rock Crest (your next door neighbors).

I hope it's okay that we read your blog occasionally - otherwise we wouldn't be able to keep track of all your new plants.

The dreaded teddy bear cholla
We are dealing with a teddy bear cholla in our front yard that is taking over the world.
In your opinion, with what should we replace it? It is a vicious plant - tongs are needed to even pick up one of the "pups" when it falls. Dick found this out when he tried to pick one up with heavy leather gloves and found that the needles will go through anything.

Anyway, I especially loved your section about Arizona critters with the stuffed animals. Just one question though: Is your little dog really green or was that just for St. Patrick's Day? We are here until April 2, and then it's back to Minnesota Spring.

Sue Krueger

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Right place at the right time

Virgil, in Minnesota, emails Steve and Nancy in Tucson:

Sent: Thursday, March 16, 2006 7:21 AM
Subject: Right place at the right time
More confirmation of your good timing. I just got in from doing the first run of my driveway. Once it reaches 4-5 inches I have to do it or it will get too deep for my small snowthrower. There appears no end in sight as the snow area extends over a large area and will be passing over us for quite some time. At least this snow is light and easy to move, unlike the last heavy wet storm.

Enjoy the sun.

Virgil Rolfsrud


Steve responds from Tucson:

Virg, Thanks for the feel good message about our good fortune to be here rather than in snow country. Of course, given our natural anxiety, I am worried whether the heavy and ongoing snow has damaged my trees!

Off to play doubles with Leno. I sprained my ankle in the singles tournament on Monday--and I was leading 4-1 at the time--so had to withdraw from it. Hopefully, I can hold up my share of the doubles today. Leno said that he would crank it up a notch to compensate--although he acknowledged he's pretty much out of notches.


Sunday, March 12, 2006

Weather report from Tucson -- Snow and rain

Steve and Nancy filed this weather report tonight, as we Minnesotans brace for up to 10 inches of our March Madness.

Steve writes:
After 114 days of no precipitation, we had an all-night rain and snow storm which left the fairways covered with snow (picture one), and the Catalina mountains covered in snow, including 20 inches on Mt. Lemmon (which is hidden in the clouds on picture two)

but it didn't keep Terri from heading outside (picture three),

and an hour later full sunshine (picture four). By evening (pictures five and six), all was back to Tucson normal.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Jennifer would be skiing this week, but. . .

Jennifer is healing nicely, but slowly. She stopped by the house in Shakopee this weekend to cheer us up. You may recall that Jennifer was riding shotgun in an ambulance when she was involved in an accident. Her left foot got the worst of it.
Happy Birthday to Ford Rolfsrud today! Posted by Picasa

Friday, March 10, 2006

And now this, from Tucson

Boys, memory test: any idea where the remotes are for the tv that is in the den and the one that was in the kitchen that was moved to the master bedroom?



The Quilt has been hung in Mankato

Here's Steve and Nancy's "Mom Quilt." Beverly finished this project recently and now it graces the staircase in Steve and Nancy's Mankato home. Mother and her quilt circle have made quilts for everyone... and her diligent needlework is treasured from coast-to-coast. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Rabbits strike marguerite, others saved

A report comes tonight from Nancy and Steve who are in Tucson until Saturday, March 18:

Rabbits have taken the new marguerite plant, lovingly placed and tended by our Norwegian gardeners in hopes of a greener back yard. Thankfully other, less desirable, species were spared by the ravenous critters, the report concludes.

Virgil, Becky and their boys will make further inspections when they arrive in late March and extend their stay into early April, when Virgil will rush back to Eden Prairie to aid procrastinating family members with last-minute tax returns.

Nancy has checked out the new Southwest decorating scheme created by Kathleen and the boys and says she loves it.

The couple will be hosting Nancy's mother, Terri, this weekend. She spends winters in Scottsdale.

"Big Thunder" Steve will be playing the doubles league next week with neighbor/life coach Leno Masolini. And then just for the heck of it, Steve signed up for the annual club singles tournament. Good luck from the family!

Steve says that it appears the long drought is ending and predicts rain this weekend--an 80 percent chance. Everything needs it.

"The rabbits ate the marguerite plant--but the other new plants appear to be surviving--although the weather has been quite cool so not as much growth on the older plants that Virg and I trimmed last month," he said.

We await a report and photo from Steve and Nancy of the quilt hanging in Mankato.