Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Getting ready for the Move

Our records may be incomplete on this, but over 12 years ago, Solveig and Bill Shearer thought these stone frogs would be just the thing for our back yard, and they FedExed the couple to us from their California home. The sculpture has stood though a dozen winters and summers and has gained a nice patina. Recently Solveig expressed some angst that the duo would be thoughtlessly abandoned, now that we are moving to the Big City.
Fear not, Sosie. Today Andrew scrubbed the sculpture, removing moss in preparation for putting it in a place of honor just outside our new digs.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Don't you just know it?

That's Kathleen at the top of the world's largest traveling ferris wheel today. The photographer stayed behind. Somebody had to hold her purse.
Murphy’s Law prevails!
No sooner had we climbed aboard the express bus to the Minnesota State Fair today, when Kathleen felt a vibration on her phone.
We had listed our house a month ago and so far have had only one measly showing, so we figured we were safe for a day on the town. But just to be sure, Kathleen had straightened a few things. So when she listened to the voice mail over all the bus noise, all we could do was call back, say Yes to the agent, and call the neighbors and ask them to take out the dog and turn all the lights on.
Good neighbor John agreeably said he would then told us to enjoy this fair.
"Gracious. Can't a girl get some privacy?"
We did.
Among the usual thrills, Kathleen took a ride on the world largest ferris wheel. . and rated it a big zero. Too sedate for her. But she was transfixed by a Holstein licking the after-birth off her newborn so long that we got caught later in rush hour traffic.
As soon as we had boarded the bus for home, the phone rang. Could we do another showing in five minutes? Well geezze, okay. We called the neighbor again and he was still willing to go over a second time.
Give that man some state fair fudge.
We’re staying home on Friday just in case.
Murphy’s law.
Stan drove a Farmall  just like this one all by himself on Ruby and Al's farm in Brandon. He was four years old and
well trained. No helmet for him.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Get, go, gone. . .

And the winner is. . .

The Veterans Administration is conducting a colon cancer study that may change the way the disease is diagnosed.
I volunteered because I’m due anyway.
They divide us into two groups. Group A gets a kit and simply mails in a personal sample taken in the privacy of your home and the results are studied. Group B is the control group and gets the traditional classic colonoscopy we all know about.
To find out which group you are in, they tossed our names in a hat (actually, a randomizer) and selected the groups.

Rats. I have never won anything in my life.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Shop 'til you drop

As soon as Bill and Virgil finish their shopping, Kim and Virgil can head home to Minnesota. They've had a wild time at Solveig and Bill's CA place.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Salsa with eggs

Photo by Kathleen Rolfsru
We went downstairs for breakfast at Danny's place today. While we were waiting for our eggs they started pushing aside the tables and chairs in the Global Market and playing salsa music. Pretty soon a man called Rene was giving a salsa class, something they do ever other week. We watched and couldn't help but get into it.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Passing of the archives

It took two carloads and six Rolfsruds to get 'er done, but the family archives have successfully been turned over to the next generation. Meet the new custodians.
The late Erling N. Rolfsrud was a meticulous record-keeper, scrapbooker and saver. His late wife was like-minded. Both have passed on and left this trove of artifacts, too good for heirs to throw and hard to keep, especially given that we're downsizing and moving to a new location.
After numerous invitations to family members, Breck was the first to volunteer to take a look at all the material, followed by her brother, Ford and family, encouraged by their mother and father.
We're delighted by their decision to remove it intact, relieving us entirely of the burden, and gamely taking on the chore of "looking things over."
Their grandparents would be proud and grateful.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Our daughter phones it in

Ely, Nevada

Good morning Mom and Stan,

I hiked 8 miles at Arches National Park yesterday and it was so beautiful. Actually all of Utah is so beautiful! Then I was driving across Utah on Highway 50 and I met a walking Monk on the road. I stopped to see if he needed a ride, but of course, he didn't -- because he is the walking monk.
In Ely, Nevada, now, gassing up. Hope you guys have a great day!
I love you.

Jennifer and her walking monk. He's got a website, of course,

Monday, August 07, 2017

A small announcement

Ruby Rose
The excitement was palpable. What could it be? Virg's cryptic invitation to dinner gave few clues. Kim would have an "announcement" it said. Actually, a "small" announcement. We looked for "tells." Was it time to break out the champagne... again? Time would have to tell.
We arrived right on the dot for dinner last night. As usual. There were still no clues, and believe me, we looked. We turned in our dinner wine house gift, no champagne this time, didn't want to jinx anything.
Right out of the oven.
When Virg's sons and Amber arrived, Kim busied herself on her laptop... mysteriously searching for some "ultrasounds.."
What! Nah, couldn't be.
 By then, even Kim couldn't keep a straight face. The big reveal: Ruby Rose, a brand-new shitzu that will join the household when she's old enough. She couldn't get any cuter and hopes are high for the perfect dog.
Announcement complete, Kim returned to the kitchen, producing a fabulous roast beef dinner, with carrots and potatoes, -- and green beans, finished by a homemade peach crisp that you could top with ice cream and chocolate. We did.
Can't wait for the next "announcement."

From left, Aaron, Amber, Alex, Virg, Kim, Kathleen