Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Joe and Mina take limit of big ones

Our dear neighbors, Joe and Mina, spent their careers in and about San Francisco. They often fished the ocean in big party boats. They have since retired to Minnesota, but they still love the challenge of big fish and the big water. Last week they chartered a Lake Michigan boat captained by a grizzled veteran who promised they'd catch their limits. They did. Yesterday they returned to Shakopee with about 100 pounds of beautiful salmon, fresh and ready to eat.

Mina gave Stan a slab last night and he's already into it, grilling his first chunk for about 10 minutes, skin-on, salt, pepper and a bit of lemon. MMM. More tonight.

The 80-something Captain Ozzie was very strict, Mina said, meticulous, experienced and remarkably spry. No jolly soul, he redefines the term "tight ship." But Joe and Mina got into the spirit, rose at 3 a.m., took their orders, kept their tips up and caught their limits. Thrilled, they vow to return to cantankerous Ozzie's vessel next year.

Other boats caught a mere one or two salmon. Joe and Mina got spectacular results that will be shared with the neighbors on the tarmac this August.

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Anonymous said...


After alerting both Cliff and our son Paul to the latest entry on your blog (re: the friends fishing on Lake Michigan), they both had words to say about their own experience. Yes, they were some of those fishing out there last week too, and yes, they caught almost nothing (and we now have a cooler large enough to serve as a coffin which came home very near empty!!) So, they have their sights on that old man and showing the women in the family that they are hunters and gatherers!! B.