Sunday, March 28, 2010

Can you sand leather?

A half-dozen leather chairs, beautifully stitched from genuine cowhide, were purchased for the new Stonebrooke clubhouse about six years ago. They looked great, giving the interior a refined, masculine look of comfort. Unfortunately, in just a few years these grand chairs had been scarred and defaced so badly with graffiti and markings they became useless. Kyle and Allie, J.S. and P.L, and many, many others scratched their marks into these chairs, adding senseless slashes and incomplete tic-tac-toe games with fingernails, golf tees and any other tools at hand.
At one time these chairs probably retailed for $500 each.
Saturday Stan bought two of them for $25 each and brought them home with a plan. This is real top grain leather and should be able to stand up to a lot of abuse. Stan intends to do just that with 220 grit sand paper. He'll scuff the entire chair, then try to put it back together with leather cleaner and restorer. There are no tears in the leather and the stitching is still perfect.
Anybody got any advice?

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Anonymous said...

Did it work? I was personally thinking 330 grit, but . . .:) -Ruth