Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New plates for an old girl

After seven years of faithful service, the State of Minnesota issued Stan's Buick Rendezvous a new set of license plates. The old girl has flawlessly delivered on six round trips to Tucson with nary a whimper. Change the oil, the tires, a fuel filter and you're good to go. Coming back into Minnesota Friday we crossed the 100,000 mile threshold without ceremony or pause. By drawing the shortest line possible across the flat Great Plains, we've now shortened the trip to 1,700 miles each way. When Stan drives alone, the Buick doubles as a hotel room. But we're short-timers when it comes to vehicle longevity. Brother Steve holds the long distance record, more than doubling Stan's mileage with his ancient mini-van. We always carry AAA Road Service. Not sure why yet. As soon as we drop it, of course, something will start knocking and we'll need it.

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becky at abbeystyle said...

No, you don't need any redecorating, it's the content that counts...no need for wallpaper.