Saturday, April 03, 2010

A stage father glows

Stan's Cousin Arnold writes:

Hi everybody,

Please forgive me for extolling the virtues of our actress Erika, but they don’t call me “stage father” for nothing!

“The Cocktail Party,” by TS Eliot, is being performed by The Actors Company Theatre in the Broadway neighborhood in New York. The Wall Street Journal doesn’t review many plays, but they reviewed this one, extolling its virtues. Four of the cast members were singled out for outstanding performance, including Erika, who plays the female lead. But let me quote from the Wall Street Journal review:
“It helps that this production…is being performed with elan by a high-class ensemble cast. Jack Koenig and Erika Rolfsrud are excellent as the quarrelsome married couple whose estrangement sets the plot in motion while Lauren English is entirely believable as a saint-in-waiting. Simon Jones is the star of the show, and I can’t imagine anyone topping his quizzically urbane performance (except, perhaps for Alec Guinness, who created the role of the Unidentified Guest).”
“The run of ‘The Cocktail Party’ has been extended by a week. It should have been a year.”

Simon Jones is an older English actor who is famous in theatre ranks in England and America. When a major reviewer makes a favorable comparison to Alec Guinness, you’re REALLY GOOD. Erika says that Jones is a very nice man.

Erika was in the 44 person cast of “Coast of Utopia,” but she had smaller roles in that play while understudying Jennifer Ehle, who won the Tony for Best Actress and didn’t miss a single performance. So Erika didn’t have a chance to ACT in “Coast…” in the way Erika usually does. So the Trish mentioned below didn’t see Erika performing in a major way in “Coast.” “Coast of Utopia” won seven Tonys, including the one for best play, and was performed at New York City’s Lincoln Center.

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Erika is coming home for two weeks on April 24, and we’re looking forward to having the lass who has been entertaining us since she was “knee high to a grasshopper.” She’s a delight, and a very nice person.

Have a great day!

Arnold Rolfsrud

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