Monday, April 26, 2010

Still galloping downtown

The electric pony at Hake's Variety on Broadway in Alexandria was ever so much more magnificent than this tired relic spotted on the Main Street of Nisswa yesterday. Even so, it evoked dreamy childhood memories of a country boy bashfully walking into the five and dime store, sometimes waiting out a smart-alec city kid, then finally swinging a leg over the squeaky black leather saddle. Once the coin was slotted, there was a brief moment of anticipation before the motor kicked in and you got your minute or so of bumping and jerking. The ride was over much too soon. The horse could run in two speeds. If you pulled on the reins, it kicked into a higher gear for a glorious gallop. . . but doing so shortened your ride -- An early lesson in the economy of self-discipline.
The relic in Nisswa didn't have the elaborate saddle and flashy appearance of the Alexandria memory. It seemed smaller too. . .
Jennifer's telephone took these photographs.

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