Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bob's ex still useful

Last night Bob Suel dropped by to check up on Stan. Bob worked for Stan for 35 years at the newspaper company and he's still interested in Stan's general health and welfare. Over the years he's been a regular at Stan's working man's basement bar; he's responsible for dubbing it "The Green Room." Bob's always welcome there, after all, who better to have a beer with than someone whose initials are "B.S."?
After catching up on the latest news (delays on Highway 169 due to a tragic stabbing and subsequent police fatal shooting in Shakopee yesterday) and family updates, Bob wanted to know what productive, interesting things the retired publisher has been doing with his time. It took a while to come up with a proper answer, but eventually Bob was led to the adjacent furnace room to inspect the new hand-painted cement floor, now drying after a third coat of poly.
Hey, at least it's not basket-weaving. Yet.

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