Saturday, May 01, 2010

We have a winner!

Katie boxes Kentucky Derby Exacta
Kathleen won an Exacta box in the 135th Kentucky Derby today, picking Super Saver (1st) and Ice Box (2nd) from a field of 20 horses on a bold $12 wager. It took a while to find out who finished second, what with all the tv excitement over homespun jockey Calvin Burel winning three Kentucky Derbies out of four. Eventually we learned that Katie's $2 Exacta Box paid $152.40. We'll collect it tomorrow morning on the way to Emily's birthday party.
Early this afternoon, Kathleen made a quick visit to nearby Canterbury Park to place a couple of bets: one for her brother and one for herself. She's no stranger, a few years ago she hawked tip sheets there for Stan's newspaper company. Her biggest competitor was the Green Sheet tout, Jake Mauer, -- Joe's grandpa.
After today's win, Katie called her brother immediately to review the excitement.
Again this year, boring Stan placed no bet, but no matter. He'll still enjoy a victory pizza (sausage and bell peppers with extra cheese) at the clubhouse tonight.
St. Paul Katie chats with her brother, Churchill Dan, shortly after today's Kentucky Derby. That's a winner's smile. She also checked with the neighbors, Joe and Mina Daly. The best they did was a $2 horse coming in third.

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