Monday, May 30, 2011

And all she got. . .

Sosie is back from her big adventure in Alexandria, visiting her mother, taking in the sights, and enjoying a slumber party with a college pal. We enjoyed her stories tonight over the walleye pike special ($9.95 for a gorgeous slab of Red Lake's finest) at the Little Six Restaurant on the Mystic Lake campus over there.
You've already read (see below) about the big Kensington Runestone mural on the U-hauls and learned about the gopher getter.
Tonight she displayed her tee shirt, the deadly gopher device (photo at left), and sundry goodies, including a U-Haul press kit, and a U-haul toy and Super Graphics coloring book for Emily.
This was her second walleye dinner on this trip. She enjoyed another one earlier at Fisher's, a classic lakeside resort/restaurant straight out of the 40s, just off 94 in Avon, Minnesota. Ask her about it.
Sosie also did some sleuthing in the Alexandria phone book. Lorlee had assigned Stan the task of contacting the Kluver clan for the upcoming Country School reunion July 31. Stan delegated. Solveig not only scored the numbers, but also left a personal note and invitation for Rodney Karrow, everybody's District 460 heart throb, at his Alexandria jewelry store.
Well done, Sister Sosie. Oh yes. We're sure Mom appreciated your visit as well.
Home to California tomorrow afternoon.

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