Friday, May 13, 2011

What's Briggsy doin?

Haven't heard much from our niece, Briggs, since she announced her engagement to Lynn a while back. So what have they been doing lately in the nation's capital? Briggs recently got a job as a college recruiter. We asked her for some more details. Here goes:

Hi Stan!

Yes, I started working at Capitol College as a Graduate Recruiter in April. We're charged with increasing graduate enrollment by 100% by May, 2012. I like the job because every day is a bit different and I get to travel. For example, I just returned from Virginia Beach and will be going to South Carolina and Wisconsin in August.

Lynn is doing great! NASA suits him well. Tomorrow, I have a recruiting event at his campus, so he's going to help me navigate the labrynth that is NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Outside of work, we take advantage of our close proximity to DC and are learning a lot about....well, a lot of things!

I'm going to Vermont to see some friends next weekend. Over Memorial Day weekend, Lynn and I are going to the Appalachian Mountains in West Virginia. All in all, we're happy and busy!

I hope you and your bride are enjoying the spring weather!


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