Saturday, May 25, 2013

Our baker has a bun

Precision scissor-work with sharp tools to make the
brown-bag drying sheets to cover with hot spritzes.
She came over with cookies on her brain, but she couldn't get her baker's hat on because her hair was up in a bun, an arrangement we don't remember seeing on her before.
Today's spritz disk choices.
(You squeeze dough through them.)

While Grandma got out the cookie utensils and rounded up the ingredients, Emily read the entire 62 pages of "Green Eggs and Ham" without stopping. We're not sure if she did it from memory, but we're delighted with her reading after her first year of school.
With the book back on the shelf, Emily set about to making the exact cookies she requested: Spritzes. No matter that these are a traditional Christmas cookie, Grandma was, of course, quite game for it anyway and got out her green and red food coloring, just for fun.
Soon the kitchen smelled of cookies and the counters were covered with brown bag sheets of cooling cookies. Emily looked over the project, sample in hand.
"I think these turned out pretty good," the apprentice said matter-of-factly, sounding just a bit adultish.

Her hair, and our spirits,
were up today.

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