Sunday, June 16, 2013

A dirty job. . .

Team player. . . breakfast at noon today. . . full speed ahead by 2 p.m.
A dormer added about 70 years ago has complicated
the situation in this 100 year old house.
By the time we got there at noon today, Jen and Joe had already spent two days gutting the upstairs at Jen's Dundas home. This was the first weekend they had free since the weather turned and they made the most of it.
Stan joined the pair for some ripping and tearing and hauling, filling the garage with bags of debris and leaving the house at least two tons lighter than it was last week.
The rafters are open to view now so an assessment can be made as to the next move in this long-term fixer-upper project.
We're not sure what happens next, when we find out, we'll tell you.

First the plaster, then the insulation, then the lath.

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Lorlee Bartos said...

So on Father's Day, they made you work????