Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Scratch and Dent weren't available. . .

Nick and Shane probably don't have a gym membership. Don't need
one. Today they carried, not rolled, our new fridge into the house,
remarking that it was relatively light as fridges go.
 Nick and Shane muscled our new refrigerator into place this afternoon and hauled off the noisy old Amana that made our ice cream go soft. The replacement was overdue and, further, today's delivery puts an end to the long-running discussion over whether to repair or replace it. All the while, the old girl vibrated more like a leaf blower than a proper kitchen appliance.
Shoes on. Out with the old.
The shiny new one weighs about 300 pounds, according to Shane, which means that they're splitting the entire weight between their broad backs as they walk it gently through the openings. (Photos) In the good old days when Stan delivered refrigerators and pool tables and such for Arvid Benson Furniture and Appliance in Moorhead, Minnesota, they used straps and two-wheeled appliance carts to ram the washers and dryers into place. No more. Too many marred floors, apparently.
Using a patented harness of straps and pads, Nick and Shane humped the carcass up the walk and through the door, swinging the load between them, automatically pausing to remove their shoes, unprompted.
"This is much easier than delivering to a split level," they mused.
In with the new.
Shoes off.
While switching the door handle from left to right, their sweaty palms touched the stainless steel front and left stains behind, thus igniting a debate as to the best way to clean up stainless steel.
Windex? Soap and water?
"No, use Orange Pledge on the whole door and wipe it," Nick advised. "Call the store if it doesn't work great."
Question to readers: What do you use on your stainless? We use Windex.
Question to Shane: Have you ever seen the movie? No, he said, "but I have heard of it. I am going to see it some time."
Question to Nick: Would you trust your new furniture to a man named Nick?


Anonymous said...

Lookin' good!

I use Weiman's Stanless Steel cleaner. Seems to be protective.

Stainless Sue

Becky Jerdee said...

Baby oil for a beautiful shine.