Sunday, July 07, 2013

Improving on the balance of trade

Beate and Unni will depart for Norway today after their jaunt to the West Coast and back. They visited our relatives in Seattle and North Dakota, and took a swing into Canada and down to Iowa. Last night Kathleen drove them to the shopping center to fill these cases for loved ones back home. They have 23 kilos allowance each (100 pounds between them) and they had the scales out last night trying to squeeze in absolutely as much booty as they could bear. Disappointed when they couldn't find the prized 501 Levi jeans in Fairmont or at our Target, Kathleen saved the day with a foray to the Eden Prairie J.C. Penney. There they were in abundance, so much cheaper than in Norway, and exactly the right thing. They skillfully translated other European and American product sizes and the bargain rates in a last minute frenzy of hunting and gathering. They MAY have an ounce to spare. Good Luck, Beate and Unni!
Super Shoppers Beate, Kathleen and Unni. (Beate has the new purse.)

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