Thursday, July 11, 2013


First delivery -- more to come.
What could go better on a gorgeous summer day than a gorgeous bouquet of hydrangeas delivered by a neighbor? Two bouquets of gorgeous hydrangeas delivered by a neighbor.
Mina and Joe's yard is getting a grooming this morning and these blooms were being clipped and she thought of us. Thanks Mina, very nice!
Whenever the word hydrangea is used, it reminds Stan of the big wrap-around porch on our Lake Andrew home years ago. The bushes with their fluffy white blossoms surrounding the porch were actually spirea bushes, but somehow the names get globbed together in his addled brain.
One spring Dad pruned the bushes back to the nubs, leaving nothing but tiny sharp stumps. Later, little Stephen was getting a carefree ride in a red wagon on the porch. The sharp turn at the end resulted in a spill, Steve tumbled out of the wagon, pitched off the porch and onto the spirea stumps. One sharp stalk cut into the edge of the orbit of his eye, resulting in a bloody ride to the hospital emergency room for yet another set of stitches -- and a happy and memorable outcome.

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Anonymous said...

That's how I remember it too. I'm guessing you were providing the free ride on the porch and maybe that was the time Mr. Hapke provided a free and very fast ride to the hospital for Stephen. Linda