Saturday, July 13, 2013

Summer gold

Photo by Emily Blethen
Around noon at the mailbox, John Gerken guessed that we got four inches last night. When Tom Story delivered the morning papers he had to use an umbrella. It must have rained for hours. Our breakfast waitress Melissa at the Card Room said she was taking a bath at 3 a.m., getting ready for work, when the power went out. She screamed, she said, because she's never been in the tub with no lights and got scared. We've never been caught naked during a power outage, but agreed it would probably be oddly disconcerting.
There are no golfers today, all the low spots are flooded, but it drains fast. The experimental seed company plot a mile from here is flooded out once again, their research trials are spoiled. Try again. While Jennifer was returning to Dundas after an overnight with her sister, she phoned in a rumor that parts of her city had been evacuated. We await a first person report from the banks of the Cannon.
Emily is here now and we went for a walk with Birdie, who had to jump in the puddles like the four year old she is.
For her part, Emily, even though she was wearing pink waterproof Crocs, pretty much stayed out of the water and concentrated on taking some photographs instead.
A game of Go Fish seemed the perfect activity on this wet day. Grandma won at the last minute, 4-3-2, when she booked four Blue Whales.

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Anonymous said...

No need to water today!
Just look at those daylilies!!