Saturday, August 10, 2013

Adios, Harold and Marilyn

Cousins: Steve, Harold and Stan
Steve and Nancy joined us for a farewell breakfast for our Cousin Harold and Marilyn at Panera Bread. Their granddaughter Brooke packed up her prize "American Girl" doll that Grandma and Grandpa bought at the Mall of America, Harold programmed the GPS in their Buick LaCrosse (you know, the one that is big enough for Shaquille O'Neal) and they were off, heading for home in Bismarck. We've enjoyed their stay, hope they did too.
Harold's cousin, Linda and her husband, Ron, were vacationing in Canada, so Harold and Marilyn missed them this trip, but they did get a chance to hear some of their son Steve's movie project. If you haven't heard it yet, click on the handy icon below.

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Anonymous said...

What a nice bouquet of Rolfsrud boys!