Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ready for final installation

Washer connections in the box on the left, dryer vent
and gas line in the middle, pass-through on the right.
New walls cover the new plumbing in the laundry room, just in time for Monday's installation plan. The washer and dryer will fit into this cubicle, with a scootch left over on the right for a laundry pass-through from the master closet.
The appliances are almost five feet high, eye level for Katie, so a shelving system will be mounted above.
John the plumber, at right, will make the gas and dryer connections around noon tomorrow. Alas, none of his lovely work will ever be seen --- nor will most of the mudding and taping and painting done by the homeowner.
Monday is wash day, right? We'll be ready.

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Anonymous said...

1==love the colors on that dragonfly! Our big ones this time of year are blue and black only. There are some red, but none multi=colored like that one.
2= Ace work, Ace! Hope all the height requirements work out and everything holds beautifully.