Monday, August 26, 2013

We're in!

The level says it's perfect, just as we expected.
From left, Jerry, John the Plumber, Max

It's complicated
Max the Apprentice joined our crack plumbing installation team today, helping Jerry and John for the finale of a week-long ballet of equipment,  complex installations and mud and paint drying times.
Today John put nipples on the copper and connected the gas, joined the dryer vent to the dryer, connected the water lines to the washer, installed the drain pipe and connected the steam hose to the dryer and. . . plugged 'em in. Spaces are tight, and John made the most of it. We're very pleased with the fit, which maximized a limited space, adding functionality to the layout.
We're washing and drying laundry as this is written, Wanda (washer) and Dora (dryer) like their new spaces and hopefully will perform these important duties without flagging for another decade or so.
Sosie, meet Wanda and Dora
We truly hope the walls and floors need never be seen again.
There's still plenty of work left to do to finish the room, but we're taking a break. Our company's here.

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