Tuesday, September 10, 2013

In the hunt at Creeksbend

Steve didn't hit one in here, but enough people have to make it
interesting for a compulsive ball hawk during a break in the action. 
Two and a Half Men.
Steve, Dave and Stan enjoyed a lovely midday of golf at Creeksbend today. Dave has been Stan's weekly partner all summer, but he and Jane are heading to their winter home in Phoenix in a week or so, so it was time to break in a rookie from Mankato for the fall season.
Reasonably good rounds were posted by the three-some, but that didn't mean the rookie stayed out of the rough.
He and Dave took the opportunity during a couple breaks in the action to hunt, an activity that is always discouraged by the host, but to no avail.
Dry fall weather makes ideal conditions for ball hunting, it was explained.
Same time next week, with a basket of new-found balls.

Steve found more than Dave.

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