Monday, September 16, 2013

Woman seeks info on Veeder art

We just received this photo of some beautiful art work, signed by our cousin Larry, along with this inquiry from a woman in southern Minnesota. We're on the case now for Cindy, we've forwarded the photo and note and will await more info. What fun.

Here's the email:

Hello, my name is Cindy, I live south of Worthington, MN.
Last week I was in a local shop and bought an art print of a beautiful old home. I do not know much...if anything ... about art, except I know what I like. It looks TO ME like an ink print. The back ground is cream but has aged. The subject is a large house with a three-story square turret . There is also a sunroom and open porches on the first floor. 
I fell in love with this and had a little trouble deciphering the name, but have used my computer to track down the least I think I have. I am 73 years old and not exactly computer savvy. I found your web site and presume I am on the right trail. I was wondering if anyone could answer a couple questions?
When was this art work produced? And what city/town is this house located. I hope it is still in existence. Don't know why it attracts me so, except I LOVE old homes. I am in the process of getting it framed so other generations can enjoy it in the future. Please convey to Mr. Veeder my admiration for his work. Thank you.

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