Saturday, September 05, 2015

High School chum still rockin'

That's Solveig across the table from Rock and Roller Rick Beresford at an Alex alumni luncheon in the Sofitel.
Rick Beresford attended school in Alexandria along with Stan and his sister, Solveig. Played with a local rock band. He was a preacher's kid and before he graduated, his father was called to a parish in the Twin Cities. Next thing we knew, Rick was in a six-boy band called "The High Spirits."
Alex School Days: Rick, Bill and Karl Tegland.
Do you remember "Turn on Your Lovelight?" by Bobby Bland? It was turned into a regional hit by these guys, made the Top 5 in the Twin Cities, No. 1 in Kansas City.
That was 50 years ago. In today's StarTribune, there's a big feature story on "The High Spirits" and a video to go with it. Although the band broke up after a couple of years, they staged a band reunion last week for the St. Louis Park Class of 65, and were a big hit.
Rick became a banker but never put down his guitar. Somebody else went to work for Prince. In the meantime, the lead singer changed gender identity and appeared as a woman at the well-received performance. Another band member is now an ear, nose and throat doc.
Gray-haired Rick does a lot of the talking in the video:

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Sosie said...

Ahhhh sweet. Sheri, Jill, Rick, and Sam. Some of us could sure dance. One couldn't. No judgements made. That's friends for sure. 50 years, lots of stories. Kindness abounds.