Monday, September 28, 2015

Family treasure on loan

Pre-med student Andy Dang is pointed toward pediatrics, but you never know. This could get him interested in
surgery. Andy grasps the prized pruners, girlfriend Laura has the tree saw and a coffee creamer???.
Over twenty years ago, Stan's late mother-in-law gave him a pruning shears for his birthday. Never mind the snickers, her thoughtful gift just keeps on giving, year after year, season after season. No other gesture has had such longevity or notoriety, "Grandma's Shears" are an institution and are prominently displayed in the yard and garden section of the family garage. Her name and memory is invoked whenever branches are clipped around our house.
Today Hai asked if his son might borrow the treasured pruners to clean up branches around his mother's house. Andy was quickly granted the favor, but not until he was briefed on the history and importance of this iconic tool.
Andy promised to bring it back promptly and safely, in plenty of time for our fall cleanup when the shears will yet again play an important role, cutting back an overgrown arborvitae and maybe a few branches on the flowering crab.

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