Thursday, October 01, 2015

Bringing in Jennifer Lane

Your sidewalk representative made a quick tour of the neighborhood this morning and files this report. The sparkling fall weather supports a flurry of activity, each day marking stunning progress given the highly mechanized activity that has rendered the shovel and spade obsolete.

The extension of city utilities down Jennifer Lane required absolute trust and coordination this morning as a worker at the bottom of a trench signaled the operator of a massive bucket that is big enough to crush him and his entire family tree with a single swipe. The collaborators successfully found the stub end of the city water main and delicately prepared a comfortable bed for its upcoming marriage with the new pipe.

Your inspector was joined by an honest-to-goodness inspector from the City of Shakopee, who appeared to approve the procedure.
Mid-November appears to be the goal for completion of much of this activity; gorgeous weather is foretold for the near term. After that, if the hurricane hits the East Coast, we'll receive the usual dowsing a few days later.
The massive trenches photographed this morning should be closed by then.

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