Saturday, October 24, 2015

Here's a fun coincidence

Surrounded by parents, an aunt, uncle, grandfather and cousins, Mike Bolin sits on the Lake Andrew dock in the early 50s. The boy in the white t-shirt is Mike's brother, Stan.
The late Michael Bolin was Stan's good friend in high school and later at Concordia College. He became an artist of some renown in The Twin Cities and passed away a few years back. Today his cousin Kathy posted this photo and Stan happened to see it.
There's Mike sitting on a dock in Lake Andrew, looks like about age 10. His parents owned a cottage and lake lot. Meanwhile, Stan grew up with his family just a short swim away, but never met him until some years later.  It would have been fun to have Mike as a playmate back then, but who knew? We have lots of our own pictures taken on the lake similar to this one. Impressed that it is in color, but Mike's Dad, Floyd, was always ahead of his time.
Alexandrians remember Floyd for his ownership of the Dutch Girl Dairy and association with the  fledgling Aircraft plant in Alexandria.

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That is so Mikey!