Thursday, October 08, 2015

Ribbon cutting at newspaper office

The leadership team of Southwest News Media hosted a community gathering and ribbon-cutting at their new offices in Savage. It's the old newspaper company Stan used to run, reincarnated in a glitzy warehouse setting where employees busily continue to keep the local communities informed using new digital media applications. . . and good old newsprint as well.
The mayor of Savage was there and announced that one of the newspapers, the Savage Pacer, was named by 60 percent of residents as their primary source of local news. The founder of that newspaper is seen above, Laurie Hartmann, on the far left.
Inside, visitors were treated to turkey sandwiches, desserts and cold beverages and got a good look at what a progressive newspaper office looks like these days.
Also in attendance were Jim and Carrie Becker (right). Jim was the controller of the parent newspaper company for decades.

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