Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Easy to distinguish these Clones, even without name tags

Photo by Lorlee Bartos
Stan, James, Paul Nokes, (this is not about him) and John
Stan's loyal classmates, the Kloehn Twins, James and John (pronounced "clone," we always like to say with an ironic grin), still farm near Alexandria. They were drafted about the time Stan was --  by the same draft board. One Kloehn's duty was driving a boss of the First Cavalry around Fort Hood, Texas, where Stan also did his service, though they never met up. The other Kloehn was ordered to Vietnam. How can you tell which Kloehn twin was the one put into combat? Take his hands in yours. If it feels odd because two fingers are missing, he's the one. Then thank him for his service.

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Lorlee Bartos said...

While I like to get all the credit I can, I did not take this photo. Must be one of Tom's.