Monday, October 26, 2015

Yikes! Peeping Toms reported at 2358 Abbey Road!

Martin the greenskeeper enjoyed
nature's moment as well.
With Thanksgiving closing in, you wouldn't think they'd be so brazen. But there they were, a quartet of gobblers, admiring themselves in Gary and Carolyn's window glass.
Gary was out on his walk and said he didn't much care about all the window peeping, he's not the modest type. "We've had a red fox peeking in there too," he reminded.
Eventually, the four turkeys moved on and were last seen disappearing into the woods and well out of sight. Which would seem like a pretty good idea about now.

Turkey shoot by Stan Rolfsrud

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Anonymous said...

Their coloration is so beautiful. And their heads so ugly. Maybe that's what allows us to kill and eat them.