Friday, November 06, 2015

Assembly completed

It arrived in seven flat cardboard boxes, trucked across the country from eastern Canada and dumped on a pallet in the garage.
The Costco Wallbed has been assembled and the counter-balance system works perfectly, making it easy to raise and lower the queen bed. It took a couple of days and we have a small bag of parts left over... but we think the Canadians just threw in some extra screws and washers before shipping it to California for assembly. A couple of the drawers aren't as level as they should be, adjustment instructions are on Page 17.
On the way back from Lowe's, we ordered a queen mattress and were delighted to learn we wouldn't be forced to buy an unneeded box spring as well. A flexible foundation is built in to the wall system and is pretty cool. We haggled with Akira and got a Beauty Rest for a good price at an outfit called "Sleep Train." We checked out the offerings at Living Spaces as well, but returned and closed the deal and will sleep on the new mattress tonight.

The ladies at Sleep Train with another client.
We'll deflate the air bed.

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Anonymous said...

For all your efforts, I hope it serves you well. Sleep Train is a popular W Coast outfit, getting bigger each year.