Friday, November 20, 2015

It's the little things. . .

Cursing was heard throughout the house yesterday as Stan assembled and installed this ceiling fan in the guest suite. Three teeny, tiny screws are required to fasten each fan blade into place, and must be inserted through small holes in three contiguous moving parts, all the while with arms extended over head. Stan's fumbling hands and fingers were hardly up to the task, particularly while simultaneously balancing a screwdriver, fan blade and "enhance plate." A torrent of expressions was released each time a screw fell to the floor and had to be retrieved. One screw was lost forever. Fortunately, the Harbor Breeze folks know about their box of frustrations and thoughtfully included an extra teeny, tiny screw.
Also fortunately, the house was empty except for one bemused H.V. Dang, who later remarked "You mean all that was about a little screw?"