Sunday, November 01, 2015

LA seatmate is a gamer

By day he's an over-the-road truck driver out of his hometown of Windom, Minnesota. In his spare time, he's a video gamer of some renown. He's a self-taught techie and has mastered specialized voice-over-protocols for international networks of video-gamers playing StarCraft and other similar contests. This morning he's headed to Anaheim for a convention of 30,000 like-minded millennials, where he'll give seminars on sophisticated communications systems linking gamers. Josh says he does this just for fun, but apparently he's good enough at it to have a car waiting for him at LAX.
Stan tried to hold up his end of the conversation, but was soon in over his head and was reduced to discussing favorite interstate routes across the Great West heading to places like Tucson and Phoenix. The young truck driver from Windom knows the country and had plenty of stories to tell. Ask him about sharing the road while driving on ice.

The travel mates congratulated themselves on their choice of seating: Front row on Spirit Airlines. The very best seats on the nation's worst-rated and most-quirky airline. We had a great flight, and at $118 one way, money left over to spend in LA. (When we arrived, the flight attendant warned over the public address to be careful when removing bags from the overhead, because sometimes during the flight "shift happens.")
We arrived in plenty of time for today's thrilling finish to the Vikings-Bears game. What more do you want from an airline?

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Anonymous said...

Wow - he won't be a truck driver for long. This guy's going somewhere, and it's not just to L.A. for a conference!

My dad was born and raised in Windom. My mother taught school there. That's where and how they met!