Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Looking for Jesus? We've got his cell number

Turns out, he's a stucco guy.
We're working on a bar top with some slots for basket storage drawers here at the Winter Place and needed a couple of short blocks of wood for spacers. There's a pile of scrap lumber of uncertain origin out in the garage. Dozens of workmen have combined to construct this busy neighborhood and you always check for a scrap when you need the odd piece of wood. This leftover stuff is called "Mungo."
Today we struck gold in the mungo pile. We pulled out a piece of solid lumber, knot free, probably from some fine finish carpentry upgrade somewhere. Looks like poplar. They get six dollars a foot for a solid clear chunk like this at Home Depot. As we examined our find, before cutting, routing and sanding it, we noticed an added feature to this otherwise pristine piece.
Some anonymous workman had carefully jotted down a name and phone number.
"Jesus - Stucco Guy - 951-255-5097.
Call us sentimental, call us provident. But we won't be sanding this information off the raw poplar block before we seal it, shape it, and screw it down.  Erase Jesus' number? You gotta be kidding.

Wonder if he knows of a carpenter.

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Becky Jerdee said...

Fun story! You DO know how to make them :)