Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas from all of us

Maxwell, Dan, Marcy; Stan, Katie, Jennifer, Emily, Missy
Christmas 2015
The people at Fruit of the Loom say you shouldn't give underwear to just anybody for Christmas. If you're family, apparently, anything goes.

Sure, we got tons of ordinary stuff at our annual gift exchange this afternoon, but we had some highlights too. Our new legal adult got a bottle of Muscato -- from his mother. Emily's artwork was printed onto a pillowcase and given to her aunt Jennifer.

A couple honorable mentions: Kathleen went out of her way to score a special toilet paper holder being admired (photo at right) by Emily, Diane and Missy. It was Missy's must have item, now her bathroom is complete.

See a very useful item in Minnesota (below) for someone who wants to walk outdoors whenever possible. Notice the nose hole and the side breathing vent. Excellent. 

Now hopefully he won't be mistaken for a terrorist.

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