Sunday, January 24, 2016

Note to Sosie

I see that you folks live 21 miles from the Super Bowl. Do you have tickets? You could rent your big party house for Super Bowl fans! Big bucks.


Right. We have Super Bowl tickets. Got them when we thought you and Harold might road trip this way. Then you said you'd come in the Spring so I traded them in for Jesse Cook tickets Feb 4. Wow! I was surprised how easy it was to make the trade!

Anyway, yes, we are very aware of the Super Bowl and our proximity to it. We are meeting friends Tuesday at the Asian Art Museum. Normally, we would drive. No can do with Super Bowl traffic. We will take Bay Area Rapid Transit, but can't get parking at the BART station. All the hardware stores that Bill has magnanimously supported for decades have signs that scream NO BART PARKING. Never mind you are a Member in Good Standing of that hardware store. So we have to travel backwards and then take a bus to BART to get to an art museum Tuesday.
Yes, please pity us.
As for renting our house. I have worked hard to clean the woods behind our house, the wild cyclamen and hellebores and early bulbs are dancing in the garden to the cheery burbling of the babbling creek running under our bridge. The deer, fox, quail, and hummingbirds have bathed in our gentle rains and are wearing bow ties. Never mind. Zach admits he has let his garden go, but he Is Within Walking Distance of a BART Station! If you want to make some bucks sub-letting your relative's home, rent out his!
This too shall pass,

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