Monday, January 04, 2016

Red, White and Blue. . . thinking green.

Morning fog frosted the neighborhood into a winter wonderland, but with friends writing from Cozumel, others posting from Florida, and Hai beckoning from California, it is hard to ignore the Garbage Man's advice, below. Meanwhile, Stan got a clean bill at his annual checkup at the VA today, we've got a few other details to tend to  . . but we're thinking, no doubt about it.

Photos: Flowering crab, flocked and bedecked with ornaments, more spectacular than when we light it for Christmas. Icy shards melted by afternoon.
Below, trash day, the neighbors are in sunny Florida, their daughter came to take out their trash.

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Anonymous said...

A clean bill of health? What on earth will you talk about when you go to the Senior Center for coffee?????

Just kidding -- glad to hear it.