Saturday, February 06, 2016

Amazing bacon and eggs

Photo and bacon by Kathleen Rolfsrud
Is 300 degrees the perfect temperature for frying bacon? Have to look that up. Never thought about it before.
We fried up some bacon and eggs on our NuWave induction cooker this morning in the Hotel California kitchen. Used a cast iron skillet and dialed up the perfect temperature, just like they do at 3 a.m. on the paid television channel cooking demonstrations for insomniacs. You can get one of these beauties for $99, plus, for the next 15 minutes only, they'll throw in another for absolutely free. You have to stay up late, when operators are standing by.
It's amazing, it's huge, it's wonderful. (Sorry about that outburst, we were watching the Republican debate tonight).

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Anonymous said...

i did not know that that pretty cast iron skillet would work with an induction cooktop. Apparently your bacon did get cooked and you had a great breakfast.

Birdie already looks worn out. Who knows, maybe a few days of romping will breathe some new energy into her middle-aged muscles! She looks happy enough, and the pup looks ecstatic.

I hope you enjoyed your warmer weather today.