Friday, February 19, 2016

Perfect Day at the Beach for Northerners

Photo by Stan Rolfsrud
Upstairs, corner booth at Ruby's on the Pier.
That's Hawaii over the horizon.
The forecast promised it would get no warmer than 66 and be partly cloudy, so to us, that was perfect for a day at the beach. We like it a little cool and it was that. We stayed indoors for lunch, others were outside in shorts, good for them.
It's winter on the West Coast and the beach traffic was pretty light today, we like that too. There's still a nice breeze so the surfers were active, mostly waiting for just the right breaker. Surfer Kathleen coaxed them to get on it, while Stan tried to line up a shot.
The beach stretches to Camp Pendleton and the stores in town were heavy on items for U.S.  Marines in need of regular haircuts, uniforms and breakfast. Our search for an item for a nine-year-old granddaughter was soon aborted.

A dining tip for the younger folks from retired seniors:
Arrive early at The Malt Shop when the weather isn't popular. You can get any seat in the house


rjerdee said...

Nice surfer shot, Stan!

Anonymous said...

Great surfing shots. Love all that sparkling ocean. The Atlantic doesn't do anything for me, but the Pacific.ahhhhh.