Monday, March 07, 2016

An early departure for M'lady

Kathleen has had enough fun for one trip. She will depart early early Tuesday morning with Hai. He'll deliver her to Shakopee tomorrow afternoon.
This photo was taken at noon today. Just as the doctor said, the bruising will progress down her face as gravity clears it.
She had her hair done at a salon and managed a shower with a plastic bag taped on her arm. We have an appointment with a Chaska orthopedic type for a Thursday afternoon casting.
Two years ago she fell on the ice and broke her left wrist, so we've been there and done that. 
She's going to miss all of spring training and the opener, but should be available for some relief work in early June. :)
Fortunately, we watched Downton Abbey last night so Stan was able to brush up on his valet skills. We're packing M'lady's trousseau this afternoon.
Molesley will follow by car and rejoin M'lady on Sunday.

When he saw this photo, my old school friend Bob Helie wrote this poem about Kathleen. . . though he's never met her, he nailed her spirit:

So there she stood, her eyes discolored.....
Forehead sporting a knot.
Her arm was wrapped in cast and "Ace"
Who knows what else she got.
And yet right there, upon her face
A smile so big and wide.
A tough one there, with grit galore
And a basketful of pride.

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Anonymous said...

Oh! Doing the hair! I forgot about that! That's the worst part!