Thursday, March 10, 2016

He can probably pull in Andy Griffith and Raymond -- don't try this with cable

You say they lost your reservation at that tony ski condo in Vail, Colorado? No worries. Just down I-70 in the little town of Eagle there’s a pretty little welcome center nestled beside the rushing Colorado. There’s 24 hour restrooms, million dollar mountain views, a lobby and brochures. Find a free spot with a view of the southern sky, cover your windows, hook up your satellite dish and you’re good to go.
We used the “Dog Walk” in this little park today on our way from Rifle, Colorado, to Omaha. Nebraska may not have much in the way of scenery, but they have plenty of troopers. Counted at least 20 squads, a couple of traps, numerous cars pulled over, and actually witnessed a stop: I was cruising at 79 in a 75 zone on I-80 when a black-haired fellow in a muscular car with a Minnesota Vikings bumper sticker passed me.

Within seconds a Nebraska trooper appeared from the ditch and nabbed the Vikings fan dead to rights. Uff Da. Phew.

You figure in a small state if you see one squad occupied, you're safe. Not so today.

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Anonymous said...

Why would anybody be so desperate for TV that they had to mantle (vs. dismantle) their Dish? Maybe they were broadcasting.

Go, Stan, Go! Legally, of course.