Friday, March 04, 2016

Friday night Steak Fry

Our hosts, Xuan and Hai. He made dinner while she closed her shop in a nearby mall.
As the gas was running out, Hai joked that if you want yours
well done, he'd keep the
fire going with a stick of butter.
The big steaks came off just moments before the propane tank on the barbecue grill flamed out, adding a twist to the excitement of Hai's Friday night Fry.
Our chef drew a handsome crowd with a fine spread of tossed salad, baked potatoes, steamed corn on the cob, pounded and seasoned rib eyes and a final flourish of artisan tiramisu.
Even Birdie enjoyed a feast. Not allowed to beg, she sneaked upstairs in all the buzz and helped herself to Taro's dog food dish.
We enjoyed light-hearted chatter with Xuan's two students: Andy and Lili . . . and Lili's boyfriend Brandon. Lili smiled sweetly and revealed a wish "to be on the blog."
Well.. . we're honored. So here ya go, young lady!

Tonight's special guests, from left, Andy, Brandon and Lili. She's vegan and enjoyed the salad and fixings,
while her boyfriend and her brother attacked the stack of seasoned red meat with the gusto of true carnivores.

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