Saturday, November 26, 2016

Katie's Gardenia

This Gardenia bush, planted for Kathleen, covered itself with blooms last Spring. Not so during the winter months, but today the plant surprised with a solitary blossom, perhaps to honor a Minnesota visitor. It won't last long, perhaps a day or so, but its compelling fragrance hangs on a permanent memory peg. Today we squeezed garden-fresh peppermint into our green tea, perhaps tomorrow we'll go for a hint of gardenia.
Hai and his Mom are busy fussing and chatting over the garden today, giving special attention to the prolific succulents and to the Beverly tree. Haismom trimmed the older leaves away from it, thus forcing the tree to produce more new growth, which means blossoms, which create more fruit. It's a cycle of life repeated constantly in this philosopher's garden -- and everywhere else.
Cool and breezy today, not in a mood to hang the ceiling fans over the patio today. Who needs 'em.
There's time.


Anonymous said...

That's a really robust bloom, and I see many buds coming along. (The sedum is not puny, either)
I think they are a winter bloomer, perhaps something to do with day length.


Sosie said...

It's 22 degrees here. Not likely to put up Christmas lights this morning. Hoping for higher temps tomorrow night when the village tree is lit. Our days are dictated by the weather. I'm glad we have so many activities--there's always something to do, in or out. Like watch the Buckeyes go into double overtime--is that an activity?