Saturday, November 12, 2016

Last Supper?

Kathleen, Hai and our host Laurie, Hai's colleague and friend.
After doing his best impression of Lenardo da Vinci's 15th Century mural, Hai Dang sat down last night to enjoy what may be his Last Supper at Laurie's,. We hope that's not true, but Hai's contract with the newspaper company will run out soon and there are no plans for renewal, by mutual agreement. That means Hai won't have an excuse to come to Minnesota -- in winter or summer-- anymore. Stan intends to join Hai in California next week for a brief expedition. (Snow is predicted for Saturday in Minnesota) There's a project to pursue and maybe some fish in the ocean. . . for supper.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I will miss the warm postings that are about Hai and his interests. I do hope you keep posting whenever you visit! Send an Internet hug from me.


Anonymous said...

He will be greatly missed -- personally and professionally.

The Ranger.