Monday, November 21, 2016

Picture this

We screwed on a variety of patches and timbers to keep the frame rigid, then connected them to
the trailer. Hai will drive. Stan will cringe at the corners.

There was only a nine-foot trailer left at the U-Haul place today so it required some extra
 reinforcement to steady this home-built 16-foot by 54-inch picture frame bound for a hanging at the Nail Shop tonight.
The load is still legal, but just barely, right down to the red flag on the back, which is Stan's workshirt, zip-tied in place.
It's a few miles through traffic to the shop, we're leaving soon to avoid the rush. Your good thoughts and best wishes are appreciated. :)

Update: Traffic was light, with some drizzle. Rain apparently keeps Californians inside. It was also a quiet morning at the Nail Shop so we took advantage of the lull and hoisted the frame on the wall. Back tonight for final touches. Then the insertion of the artwork.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Glad there were no mishaps. Can't wait to see what kind of art goes into the frame. Hai is not going to run out of projects, right?