Friday, December 09, 2016

A little Dickens and a ghost from Christmas past

We took the girls to the Guthrie Theater's Christmas Carol a few times years ago. So it was a treat to go again, this time with our sweet daughter reviving the tradition. Jennifer scored duckets for, from left, Stan, our Granddaughter Emily, Kathleen, Jennifer and Grandson Maxwell. We were also joined by Tasha, her Mom and her daughter, Christina.
After, we gathered on the flying bridge to gaze over the Mississippi at the twinkling city lights.
The performance in the Guthrie Wurtele Thrust Theater was spectacular: zip lines, spinning sets, explosions and smoke, trap doors and all, but seemed to lack the warmth and focus of the productions in the old Guthrie. One memorable year we attended with Stan's late parents and assorted children. We fondly recall the sight of Dad all dressed up and standing in the lobby, wearing the oxfords he got from Randy's Moving-to-Hollywood garage sale.
Another Christmas memory.

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Anonymous said...

So sweet you can all go together, even if the performance was not as intimate as in days of old.
I haven't been able to get the boys to go to The Nutcracker since they were 8!