Thursday, December 22, 2016

Making Christmas bright. . .

Vance and Katie have matching hair so
we take this annual picture.
Okay. Just kidding about Ladies Night. Actually we enjoyed a nice sedate gathering of most of the neighborhood last night, a cheerful group of merrymakers. .. politics-free. Highlight was a visit from Virg's Significant Other, Kim, which gave us an opportunity to introduce her around and make comments without Virg present. He's still in Florida, will be here in Minnesota soon for Christmas, so we were able to freely make unedited remarks about our dear brother.
Andrew performed yeoman duty behind the bar -- fully attired. In the snapshot below he was clowning around getting ready for the festivities.
Half the neighbors are snowbirds home for the holidays so this was a special occasion on the tundra.


Anonymous said...

The black tie is nice but...........


Tom said...

It was a very enjoyable evening. Thank you for hosting.
S & T